Indian and Pakistani Expats in Top 10 Investors in New Businesses & Properties in Dubai

When we talk about the population of Dubai, there’s nothing concealed that more than 80% of the population is non-native residents. Out of which 65-69% of the population comprises Indian and Pakistani expats. Indian and Pakistani expats are also in the list of top 10 investors in businesses and properties in Dubai. Dubai is a […]

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Dubai properties in $400k price range offer best long-term returns, experts say

Identifying the ideal price range in which the Dubai Properties yield the best long-term returns has been a hot topic among the top real estate analysts. Undoubtedly, Dubai is a commercial hub and the real estate market in Dubai has immense potential in it. Investors are massively attracted towards buying or renting properties in Dubai. But what […]

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Most expensive apartments in uae

Most Expensive Residential Areas in Dubai in 2018

Dubai is one of those resplendent cities that always maintain to secure the top slots in the list of the most glamorous destinations around the world. The flashy tourist spots, shopping areas, rousing fun, and adventurous activities and luxurious residential areas in Dubai are few of the glittering factors that pull the people towards Dubai. […]

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