Best areas to buy 1 bedroom apartments in Sharjah under AED 600k

Sharjah is considered as the cultural capital of the UAE. Almost equally famous as the other cities of the UAE, Sharjah also offers a variety of property options to its people.

One of the benefits of buying properties in Sharjah is the availability of budget-friendly residencies. This is the reason why apartments in Sharjah attract buyers, especially the investors.

Therefore, if you have even the slightest plan to invest in Sharjah real estate, there here are 5 best areas to buy 1-bed apartments in Sharjah under AED 600k

  • Al-Majaz
  • Sharjah Waterfront City
  • Al-Nahda
  • Al-Qasba
  • Sharjah University City

Al-Majaz – one of the most popular areas to buy apartments in Sharjah

Al-Majaz is a full-of-life neighborhood in Sharjah developed by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority. It gives you a stunning waterfront sight uplifting the value for the apartments.

Al Majaz Park and Al Noor Island are other amazing locations where you can spend quality leisure time with your family or friends.

The supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and other amenities in the vicinity provide with all the comforts of life in Al-Majaz.

The average price for a 1-bed apartment in Al-Majaz is AED 420,000

Sharjah Waterfront City

A relatively new development, Sharjah Waterfront City comes 2nd when talking about the most popular areas to buy 1-bed apartments in Sharjah.

Being situated just 10 minutes away from the Emirates Road and the Sharjah International Airport, this neighborhood successfully secures a prime location in the city.

Sharjah Waterfront City gives you exquisite apartments with beautiful beachfront sights and exceptionally convenient facilities. Having numerous dining, entertainment, and retail options, this city is developed with an aim to become the new economic hub in the city.

The average price for a 1-bed apartment in Sharjah Waterfront City ranges from AED 499,000 to AED 540,000

Al Nahda

A family-friendly neighborhood, Al Nahda is particularly famous among the families because of the pre-primary and primary schooling options.  Al Nahda Nursery and Preston Private School are 2 of the few good attractions for the families

Additionally, Al Nahda is preferred by the families who want to reside close to Dubai. The famous supermarkets Al Maya and Carrefour are more attention-grabbing factors for the families along with the Ansar Mall for your some retail needs.

Famous for having the most affordable properties in Sharjah, Al Nahda is a good option for you to buy a 1-bed apartment.

The average price for a 1-bed apartment in Al Nahda is around AED 500,000

Al Qasba

Al Qasba is the place for you if you love to explore amazing places in your leisure time. The exciting entertainment options would never let your time go waste in Al Qasba.

The ‘Eye of the Emirates’ and the Ferris Wheel with air-conditioned cabins are two of the adventurous entertainments offered by Al Qasba.

Give Al Qasba a green signal if you’re planning to invest in Sharjah properties.

The average price for a 1-bed apartment in Al Qasba ranges from AED 400,000 to AED 500,000

The University City, Sharjah

Established by His Highness Dr. Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah in 1997, the University City is considered an educational hub of Sharjah. Having the renowned University of Sharjah, the University City is home to 15 educational institutes.

With all the luxury amenities available, the University City is surely a good option for buying properties in Sharjah whether for families or as an investment point of view.

The average price for a 1-bed apartment in the University City is AED 550,000

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