How to acquire properties for rent in Dubai

Popular for the resplendent lifestyle and stunning architectural wonders, Dubai is one of the most coveted spots on earth. It’s not less than a dream to buy or to acquire properties for rent in Dubai. Dubai opens doors to a luxurious lifestyle with a cluster of factors including the residential areas, sports and adventure activities, shopping malls and the eateries – providing with an indelible experience to the residents.

Dubai is the center of attraction for investors as well. Specifically, the real estate market has become quite a lucrative one. Therefore it pulls the real estate investors to pool in their investments in the property market.

Real estate market in Dubai is full of opportunities due to which numerous agents have emerged in recent years. This emergence has given rise to real estate frauds as well. Whether you are a resident or an expat, if you are planning to buy or attain properties for rent in Dubai, then you need to follow some basics steps to get through the procedure safely.


  • Make up your mind for the type of property you require

Dubai offers you various categories of properties to choose from. Apartments, studios, townhouses, and villas are few of them. There can be a variety of factors that can influence your choice of property. Family size and structure, budget, preference of the surrounding (if you feel comfortable in community setup then you would probably go for apartments or houses in communities), close proximity to the beach, and etc.


  • Search for the agents, areas, and suitable properties for rent in Dubai

Start off with an online search, you’ll get almost every information related to your property search on the internet. Filter out the areas that attract you, any available properties online, and the agents whose portfolios seem to be appealing to you. Many real estate dealers upload their listings on their websites, you may go through the details and facilities, and compare them before concluding your decision. There’s a high demand for properties for rent in Dubai, therefore, if budget is your major concern, then it might take some extra time for you to search what you desire.

never give out your personal information or bank details to the agents or the dealers. You need to search diligently for the trusted dealers, there are innumerable property dealers in Dubai but not all are the authentic ones.

When talking about the residential areas, the versatility of Dubai will amaze you. You’ll surely come across some ritzy and opulent areas like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai, some middle-range areas like The International City, and some cheapest areas like Deira and Karama.


  • The leasehold and freehold areas

Freehold areas are those where the locals and the expatriates both can own a land, while leasehold areas do not give the right of ownership to the expats. Only the local residents enjoy the right of ownership in the leaseholds areas.

Well, if you are searching for properties for rent in Dubai, then it is not an important factor for you to consider. You may acquire a property on rent in both the areas. But if you have the slightest plan to buy that property in the long-run, then you must pay attention to this before opting for a property.


  • Hire an expert agent

This is the most crucial phase in the process of acquiring properties for rent in Dubai. There are multiple reasons why you need to hire a property agent. One of the major reasons is that he knows the market trends and the rates better than you. But make sure you hire only the RERA certified real estate

A layman’s knowledge cannot be compared with that of a specialist. The expert real estate agents serve as a bridge between the buyer and the seller. He knows about the legality, completeness of the documents and the nitty-gritty elements that a layman is incognizant of. Therefore, it is mandatory to hire a professional real estate agent before initiating your summing up your property decision.

One of the genuine real estate dealers is ezEstate that deals in all types properties in Dubai and its surrounding. Having licensed agents on board, they work with utmost efficiency and excellence to serve their clients with what they require.


  • Set off for Dubai to visit the location

If you are already residing in Dubai then it is fine but if you are an expat, then you should plan to visit Dubai once you have hired an agent. The property deals should never be solely executed online, especially if you are seeking for properties for rent in Dubai. A property deal cannot be summed up without the physical presence of both the parties.

First, there is an agreement that has to be signed by both the parties under the supervision of a registered agent. Secondly, the documents have to be viewed and the property needs to be inspected before moving in. Thirdly there are a few the forms of the fee that both the parties need to be familiar with;

  • The agent’s fee
  • The Dubai Land Department (DLD)’s fee
  • The registration trustee’s fee

You’ll witness an uncountable number of real estate dealers while seeking for properties for rent in Dubai which proves to be beneficial from the searcher’s point of view. But you need to be alert and assiduous while choosing an agent and initiating a deal. The steps above will surely assist you in initiating you property deal safely in Dubai.

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