Dreamy Villas and Mesmerizing Beauty: Buy Property in Arabian Ranches

Buy Property in Arabian Ranches

Got your sights set on the Dubai real estate market by any chance? You are in for a treat so to speak – with prices continuing to drop in steady increments, the beautiful Arabian Ranches Villas has investors and home seekers from around the globe talking and eager to know what’s in store for them.

Top quality construction and design as well as a prime location lie at the heart of Arabian Ranches which is located close to the highly coveted Abu Dhabi Shamama Road.

A desert theme forms the basis for this mesmerizing property which spans over 1,650 acres. These highly sought-after properties are easily among the most exotic villas you’ll feast your eyes one, something pure luxury lovers can write home about.

World-class amenities await you at the Arabian Ranches Villas. A stunning golf club sits right on Sheikh Zayed Road along with Global Village and Dubai Motor City on either side. Other amenities include tennis courts, swimming pool and play areas for your young ones.

Many foreign nationals have already occupied these villas, especially given its close proximity to the Dubai Airport.

The property’s fame actually dates back to 2005 when the esteemed Jumeriah English Speaking School was launched. The gated and secure community also offers a breathtaking infrastructure allowing easy access to Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai as well. In addition to the golf course, a clubhouse and shopping centre are just a heartbeat away.

Here’s a closer look at some of the more popular properties in Arabian Ranches; for a complete breakdown, check out our Arabian Ranches guide.

The Golf Homes

Eighteen villas in total lure you in with their Spanish-inspired architecture. Buy an apartment here and become the proud owner of an extravagant home with a view of the golf course that hits you like a breath of fresh air. Golf fanatic by any chance? Even better!


Fancy flaunting Portuguese-inspired architecture with decorative interiors, terracotta roofs, arched windows and ornate turrets? Big, airy balconies captivate your senses and well-rounded facilities ensure that this will be an experience you will cherish for years to come.


If two or three-bedroom villas are more your thing, give in to Palmera – 1,889 to 2,936 sq. ft. of luxurious space entertains you with a plethora of facilities like community parks, a golf club, gardens, restaurants and tennis courts, to name a few.

Alma Townhomes

Picture this: a view of the lake and lush greenery that engulfs you from every direction. Become a slave to a comfortable and easy-going lifestyle while living in these three-bedroom houses. The golf course is a stone’s throw away.


Another community boasting Spanish architecture, Mirador exudes nothing but charm with its two-story villas ranging between 3,458 and 6,911 sq. ft.

Al Reem

Looking for something a bit more affordable but still want to enjoy living in townhouses? Al Reem offers 2-3 bedroom townhouses with varying sizes for each. Just to give you an example on the affordability here the annual rent is AED 150,000 and purchase prices start at around AED 1.8 million. A mortgage here on a 3-bedroom 2.400 sq. ft. townhouse is 25% on AED 2.5 million.


Rent starts at AED 17,917 per month or AED 215,000 annually. Dish out AED 3.6 million and you can have a 3-bedroom semi-detached 2,788 sq. ft. townhouse spreading over a total area of 4,000 sq. ft. with a study and servant quarters.

A 75% mortgage means a down payment of AED 900,000 which includes principal, interest, life insurance and property insurance. A separate fee needs to be given to the Dubai Land Department which sits somewhere around AED 250,000. Monthly repayments are to the tune of AED 14,000 while the cost comes to AED 1,291 on a per-sq-feet basis.

To buy your dream properties in a completely hassle-free and transparent manner, check out our network of real estate companies and Arabian Ranches real estate agents who are equipped to meet the unique demands of your needs, budget and preferences.

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