Everything that you need to know about properties in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most iconic beachfront residential and commercial developments in Dubai. Built and maintained with absolute perfection, Dubai Marina offers everything that is called a luxury.

Properties in Dubai Marina stand among the most valuable Dubai properties. Other being that of Downtown Dubai, Business Bay and Palm Jumeirah Residence. In fact, Dubai Marina was one of the 2 most in-demand areas in Dubai for the property buyers in 2018.

Precisely, the real estate transactions in Dubai Marina totaled 1,445, valued at AED 2.9 billion.

This depicts that there’s something about Dubai Marina that we are unaware of.

Don’t worry, ezEstate is here to explain the secrets behind the demand for properties in Dubai Marina.

  • A wide variety of properties in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina gives you a diverse range of properties to choose from. Depending on your budget and your family size, you may choose to have a studio apartment, 2-bed to 4-bed luxury apartment, a townhouse or a villa.

The property prices, amazingly, are not sky-touching. The average rent for a 2-bed apartment in Dubai Marina ranges from AED-100,000 to AED-180,000. This range is quite normal for such an exquisite and upscale area.

If you look for a 2-bed apartment for sale in Dubai Marina, then you would face an average range from AED-1.6 million to AED-2.2 million.

  • Amenities you get to avail in Dubai Marina

Most of the residential buildings in Dubai Marina offer you;

  • In-building swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Barbecue area
  • Children’s play area

Outside the building, you have easy access to supermarkets, numerous eateries, pharmacies, and banks.

You get to enjoy a complete lifestyle within any community in Dubai Marina. This becomes one of the major reasons for the high demand and value for properties in Dubai Marina.

  • Education and Healthcare

Education and healthcare facilities are among major considerations while looking for a residence.

Living in Dubai Marina, you’ll have a wide range of nurseries and schools in your vicinity. Many of them also follow the Cambridge curriculum. In case if you plan to move out of Dubai, your kids won’t face difficulty in catching up the curriculum.

Talking about healthcare, you get the advantage from one of its kind Emirates Hospital Dubai. Offering high-quality general, emergency, and cosmetic healthcare services, the Emirates Hospital provides outstanding care and attendance to the patients.

Well, count these as well, among the reasons for the high demand for properties in Dubai Marina.

  • Sports, Leisure, and Shopping Experience

As for the sports, there are parks and dedicated areas offering squash and badminton courts. High-end gyms and swimming pools also provide with absolute fitness opportunities if you’re a sports lover.

The yacht club, 7km-long Dubai Marina’s walkway, waterfront eating spots, and the adventure at the speedboat give you amazing experience while living in Dubai Marina.

You’ll have endless shopping experience in Dubai Marina having to shop from the local and the most wanted international outlets.

Last but certainly not the least, the globally known Dubai Marina Mall would welcome you with around 150 shopping outlets to provide you with the best shopping experience.

Well, you might have gotten the answer and the reasons why Dubai Marina is such a sought-after residential area in Dubai.

If you ask an expert, buying or renting property in Dubai Marina is a decision that needs no second thought to confirm the benefits. Go ahead and let ezEstate arrange you a perfect residence!

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