Is 2019 a good year to invest on properties in Dubai?

Dubai real estate market has always been fruitful for investors from all around the globe. Though the prices of Dubai properties are continually declining since 2014, the market has never disappointed the investors and the residents.

In the year 2018, various property shows and the government efforts to attract investment into Dubai properties have brought a positive shift in the market.

The experts say that the momentary decline in prices would bring a stronger year ahead for the Dubai real estate. This means that 2019 would be a good year to invest on properties in Dubai.

Is it true? Would investment in Dubai be beneficial? Is 2019 a good year to invest on properties in Dubai?

Let’s see how ezEstate throws light on the facts related to Dubai real estate.

What do the realty trends show?

In 2015, the transactions of the ready units and the off-plan Dubai properties were close to each other in number. But till the year 2017, the off-plan transactions got doubled when compared to the ready units.

This trend showed a reverse picture in 2018 when the developers of the ready units started to offer similar incentives as offered with the off-plan properties.

As per the market reports, in 2018, a 3% drop in the sale of ready properties in Dubai was witnessed when compared to the sales in 2017.

On the contrary, a 27% drop was recorded in the sale of off-plan properties in 2018.

This shows that as the year 2019 is approaching, the demand for ready homes in Dubai is increasing. This increase is no doubt in favor of property investment in Dubai.

Most in-demand properties in Dubai in 2018

When talking about the off-plan properties, Business Bay wins with more than 2,260 units sold during the year 2018

Jumeirah Village Circle was also in demand with more than 1,420 off-plan units sold in 2018

In the category of ready homes, Dubai Marina leads with more than 1,460 units sold, and the International City follows with more than 930 units sold in the year 2018.

Reasons why 2019 is a good year to invest on properties in Dubai

The UAE government is making tireless efforts to attract investments to the Dubai real estate. Those efforts are certainly not going unnoticed.

These initiatives and regulations also add to the reasons why 2019 is a good year to invest in Dubai properties.

  1. The 5-year visa and business ownership becomes the top stimulus for the investment
  2. Dubai Land Department (DLD)’s efforts to bring real estate transactions online and reduce the processes by the year 2020
  3. The economic stimulus plans introduced by Dubai and Abu Dhabi governments to reduce the cost of living in the Emirates

All these points add to make Dubai real estate an investment-friendly market in the year 2019.

Above all the factors, the Dubai World Expo 2020 is among the greatest factors that confirm that 2019 is a good year to invest in properties in Dubai.

With the participation of more than 160 nations from across the world, the demand for Dubai properties is bound to increase in the coming months.

Therefore, if you’re planning to invest in Dubai properties in the year 2019, it’s a green signal as the market conditions are favorable.

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