Is Deira Island a Good Place for Investing Money on Properties?

Dubai is known for its master developments and the ultra-modern lifestyle. It’s among the happiest cities of the world.

ezEstate has always discussed various residential communities and areas of Dubai. This time, we have come up with another amazing development project by Nakheel, Deira Islands.

Deira Islands is a spectacular waterfront development adjacent to Deira District in Dubai. It consists of 4 man-made islands, and the project covers an area of around 15.8 sq. km.

Deira Islands is a good place for investing money on properties as it is going to be an upscale development. The residential communities and the amenities promised to be delivered would uplift the demand for Deira Islands properties.

Let’s see what the Deira Islands Dubai unfolds for its people in the coming years.

Why is Deira Islands a good place for investing money on properties?

Deira Islands is a stunning residential community featuring entertainment destinations, leisure attractions, retail outlets, and of course, thousands of residential units.

The project will have 16 residential buildings providing over 2,900 Deira Islands apartments. Other towers will further have around 1,000 hotel rooms and serviced apartments. These towers will be able to accommodate around 250,000 residents.

The road links connect the project with Dubai’s mainland making it accessible for as many people as it can capacitate. This will attract tourists and generate good revenues through tourism.

Deira Islands will have one of the region’s biggest shopping malls – Deira Mall. Spread over an area of 6.5 million sq. ft., this mall will provide exceptional shopping and dining experience to the residents.

Deira Islands will build 40 km of coastline, having 21 km of beaches. It will also have several marinas with mooring for yachts and small boats.

This mega-project aims to provide around 80,000 job opportunities making it a good place for investing money on properties.

Deira Islands houses will provide an upbeat lifestyle with most of the projects built along a 6km-long piece of white sand beach.

The first batch of the hotel and residential towers is anticipated to be delivered by the Q2 of 2020. Initially, the Deira Islands properties would be available on lease only.

The Deira Islands properties will be available for 100% ownership only after Nakheel developers sells the plots to third-party developers.

Should you invest in Deira Islands properties?

Properties for sale in Dubai have always been an attraction for the investors. Being a risk-free market and yielding higher returns are two of the major factors for this.

Looking at the framework and structure planned by the developers, Deira Islands seems no less than a high-end residential and tourism destination.

The year 2020 is already anticipated to flourish the Dubai real estate market due to the World Expo.

At this point of time, investing in such a valuable project is absolutely a sensible decision.

Therefore, if you ask an experienced real estate dealer, investing in Deira Islands apartments or houses would prove to be a good decision at the moment.

Go ahead for it!


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