Map, camera, train timetable, diary… and two rucksacks to carry them: The 50 items you would have to lug around to replace your smartphone


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  • Without a smartphone you would have to carry equivalent of 50 different items
  • Researchers estimate these would also have a combined weight of 75lb
  • The items would cost £750 to buy individually – double a iPhone 7 handset 
  • These vary from £1 for a newspaper to £500 for a high-quality digital camera 

    Some couldn’t live without one, while others see them as a curse of modern life.

    But whatever your view of smartphones, without one in your pocket you would have to lug around the equivalent of 50 separate items.

    Its technology replaces the need to carry a map, a camera, train timetables and a host of other essentials.

    While a smartphone easily fits in the palm of a hand and weighs about 5oz, researchers estimate it would take two rucksacks to haul all the extra items around.

    The 50 objects would also have a combined weight of 75lb. The heaviest item on the list is a world atlas, weighing in at 3lb.

    And apparently, it also works out cheaper. It is about £700 less to use a smartphone rather than buying all the extra items separately.

    While an iPhone 7 could cost up to £750 for a two-year deal, buying all 50 extras would cost upwards of £1,400 – nearly twice as much.

    The prices of the items vary from less than £1 for a newspaper to £500 for a high-quality camera.

    Other pricey gadgets in the report included a portable games console and an MP3 player for listening to music.

    Andrew Cartledge, a spokesman for online retailer who compiled the list, said: ‘It’s been really interesting to think about everything a smartphone can do, and have it laid out in front of us.

    ‘It definitely helps you to appreciate just how smart they are, and how much they are capable of doing for us.

    ‘We realised how much we take for granted the sheer number of inventions we can fit into our pocket, easily at reach in a moment’s notice.’

    He added: ‘With new apps and features being launched every day, smartphones now allow users to accomplish so much more with one gadget without the need to buy additional items.

    ‘If only we could see into the future to know what’s next for the ever-evolving world of the mobile phone.’

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