Phase 2 of Dubai Canal begins

Work on Phase 2 of the Dubai Canal project is under way as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has awarded the Dh384m contract to China State Corporation.

canal1 canal2 canal3 canal4

The Dh2 billion canal project that sees the extension of Dubai Creek by 3 kilometres, will turn Bur Dubai into an island ringed by the Creek on three sides and the Arabian Sea on one side.

The Dh500 million Phase 1, which includes construction of a 16-lane flyover on Shaikh Zayed Road, under which the canal will flow, began early this year.

Currently, work on tracking and diversion of utility lines of water, electricity, sewage and telecom is under way, following which traffic on Shaikh Zayed Road will be diverted to make room for the construction of the flyover.

The Dh384 million phase 2 will involve construction of six-lane bridges on Al Wasl and Jumeirah Roads.

It will also see construction of an integrated multi-tier interchange, providing a traffic link between Al Wasl, Al Hadiqa and Al Athar Roads, replacing the existing light junction.

The three bridges above the Dubai Canal will measure 550 metres in length and will be high enough to allow passage below of 8.5 metre-high yachts.

“Works in Phase II of the project, which has been awarded to China State Corporation, will be completed in the final quarter of 2016, coinciding with the completion of Phase I of the project covering the construction of a bridge on Shaikh Zayed Road passing over the Canal, allowing free navigation around the clock,” said Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of RTA.

Phase 2 will also include construction of bridges leading to the proposed peninsula to the south of Jumeirah Park.

The contract also covers utility diversion works beneath the Canal, in addition to the construction of spare conduits for utility lines underneath the Canal to meet projected future requirements.

RTA has worked out a comprehensive traffic diversion plan for both the phases.

In phase one, traffic on most of the internal roads in Al Wasl area has been diverted, while plans for diversion of traffic on Shaikh Zayed Road has already been put in place, which will begin on October 25.

“Work to make way for diversions on Shaikh Zayed road has begun and it will be ready by October. The same number of tracks that are currently available will be provided alternatively,” added Al Tayer.

According to the plan, six temporary tracks will be made on the western side of Shaikh Zayed on the landscaped area opposite Al Mazaya Centre and Emarat Atrium. Traffic heading towards Abu Dhabi will be diverted to the temporary tracks and traffic heading towards Sharjah will be shifted to the tracks that currently serve traffic towards Abu Dhabi.

Once the diversion is in place, work on building the first half of the 16-lane bridge will begin on the side that currently serves traffic towards Sharjah.

After the first half of the bridge is completed, traffic towards Sharjah will be moved on to the bridge and work on the second half of the bridge will begin in the area which currently serves traffic towards Abu Dhabi.

The temporary tracks will continue to serve traffic towards Abu Dhabi during the construction of the second half of the bridge.

Al Tayer assured that utmost care is being taken to ensure smooth movement of traffic.

“The RTA has drawn up plans governing traffic diversion to ensure smooth traffic flow such that the design of the temporary traffic diversion will conform to the specifications of permanent roads in terms of engineering design, levelling of the asphalt surface, and the provision of lighting compatible with the designed speed of the road,” he said.

– Article Courtesy of Gulf News


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