Real Estate Dubai: Generating Your Leads through Twitter


Real Estate Dubai: Generating Your Leads through Twitter

Among the most critical component that mark your overall success as a real estate agent in Dubai is the number of buyer leads you can generate during any given time frame. After all, you are in the lead-generation business and if you aren’t finding ways of constantly upping and managing your contact database in a time-efficient manner, you are getting left behind in this business, simply put.

The best agents implement strategies to maximize this lead generation process while doing it in a way that gets the most results in the least amount of time and energy. So at least three hours a day dedicated to meaningful lead generation is a good start. Again, bear in mind it is not how much time you’re spending generating leads, but rather how efficient you are in generating them in the least amount of time.

Rise of the Tweets

This isn’t to say that you’re going to completely ignore traditional lead generation methods – visiting folks in your neighborhood, getting acquainted and handing out your business card. However, social media platform such as Twitter have so much potential to significantly boost your efforts, that it simply cannot be ignored. By using Twitter, you’re essentially connecting with a near-infinite number of prospects. To truly understand how this often misunderstood social networking platform can be utilized to the max for lead generation, here’s what you need to take into account.

Using Twitter to Help Generate More Leads

Remember, you’re not only in the business of generating leads but also creating dialogue with many prospective clients along the way. Once you know how easy Twitter is to set up and use, you’ll be using it day in and day out to build your followership, promote your real estate company and communicate with several hundred prospects who would want to use your services. Best of all, it’s completely free.

Twitter also helps you reel in more traffic to your property listings and website. Tweet frequently to let people know what you have to offer. Dynamic search features let you target a large pool of prospects based on their location and interests. It’s this niche-specific targeting that helps you reach out to several hundred to thousand of prospects as well as experts in the industry. Speaking of, befriending a more experienced agent or company on Twitter is an essential part of the leads generation process – those agents/companies might be willing to refer clients to you with whom they already have a healthy working relationship on social media networks.

Here’s yet another reason to be on Twitter: promoting your real estate blog. If you don’t already have one it is highly recommended as it acts as a potent platform to promote all your content on the web. Want a higher follower ship on your blog? Looking to get more subscriptions on your weekly newsletter? Twitter is the answer.

For example, tweet an article on your account that’s completely relevant to home-buyers in your specific area of interest and people will eventually mark that content as “favorite” and retweet it. The more retweets it gets, the more people will see that they have an opportunity to consult you as an expert on buying or selling property in that area.

Mainstream search engines on the web are actually quite fond of Twitter and have now started indexing every public tweet into its database – send out a large volume of quality tweets and you’re effectively boosting your search engine ranking. Guess what? More people will know about you and approach you as the top authority on the subject.

Getting Down to Generating Leads

Once your Twitter account is properly set up (more on that later), its time to start generating leads. The main goal here is to get the most followers, retweets, favorites and mentions. You’ll need to be quite active; the top 15% Twitter account holders are responsible for 85% of all tweets. However, you certainly won’t be going overboard or making sales pitches day and night.

Follow the 60/20/20 rule: the first 60% accounts for educating your customer, while the middle 20% is for motivating them, while the last 20% is attributed to the selling part. Make sense?

You see, the more you educate people and get them excited about property in your area, the more likely they are to use your services to help them find their dream properties. Perhaps they are looking to find a nice apartment in Arabian Gate Silicon Oasis or just toying with the possibility of investing in Dubai rental property, but don’t know where to start. So get in the habit of educating your followers so that you’re seen as the authoritative industry expert when it comes to Dubai real estate.

On a daily basis, you’re going to be tweeting news-worthy topics on Dubai real estate that are relevant to your audience and area of expertise (i.e. rentals or investments or both). This not only keeps you aware of the current real estate happenings in your area but also acts as a precursor to kicking off discussions with your followers and prospects. Make it a habit to follow all the real estate experts in your area, including the top real estate companies and investment firms. This happens to be an excellent way to hunt new opportunities and establish dialogue with leading industry experts. The more connections you have, the more willingly prospects will approach you.

One of the things you do is offering highly valuable insights – get involved and participate in conversations whenever you can. Through general discussions and sponsored chats people will eventually identify with you as an authoritative individual on the subject. You have the answers and you’re more than happy to share them; this means gaining valuable leads for the years ahead.

Keep in mind your tweets need to be “retweetable”. Your content has to be informative and relevant enough for creating a desire in people to share it with their friends, family, followers etc. A high number of retweets mean you’re bagging more followers, which in turn means you’re attracting more traffic to your website as well as real estate listings.

Apart from being a Twitter guru, you should also be registered as a RERA-certified agent in a top real estate network where some of the industry’s top experts meet and share their knowhow.

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