8 Amazing Reasons to Acquire Apartments for Rent in Dubai

Apartments for rent in dubai

8 Amazing Reasons to Acquire Apartments for Rent in Dubai

Dubai is undeniably a pool of opportunities, therefore to stabilize living standards, people strive to secure apartments for rent in Dubai. In recent years, Dubai real estate has witnessed fluctuations but now it’s one of the safest sectors to invest in. Acquiring a property in Dubai is a dream for many people, and it has uplifted the demand for studios and apartments for rent in Dubai. The probable reason for this rise in demand is affordable rents of the apartments.

There are numerous reasons to prove that it’s a wise decision to get an apartment in Dubai and advance towards your dream lifestyle.

  • The Land of Opportunities – Dubai

For small-scale businessmen who are planning to set up their ventures, acquiring apartments for rent in Dubai is one the most affordable initiatives. It saves the costs while fulfilling the purpose of a comfortable residence. Dubai provides with innumerable earning opportunities for its residents. Real estate, Automobile, Tourism, Hotel, and Food are few of the top industries that welcome your investments and provide you with high returns on investments. Due to the availability of such earning options, attaining apartments for rent in Dubai is a favorable decision for those seeking to raise their living standards.

  • Befitting Rates of Apartments

Dubai comprises of a variety of areas offering a varied range of rents starting from AED25,000 annually, going up to AED160,000 annually. If you are particular about your budget while exploring apartments for rent in Dubai, then you must not worry because you’ll surely get a property fitting in your budget.

The International City, Deira, and Karama are few of the cheapest areas, while Downtown, Old Town, and Palm Jumeirah are few of the most expensive ones.

  • Ease of Buying and Selling Property

Along with numerous working opportunities, the ease of buying and selling properties in Dubai is the cherry on top for the people planning to move to Dubai. Even the foreigners may easily acquire apartments for rent in Dubai in both, freehold and leasehold areas. Buying and selling the property was never a complex task for the residents of Dubai, but after the year 2002, the changes in the laws have enabled the foreigners as well to attain a property in Dubai.

  • Economic Stability

With a GDP of AED389 billion and economic growth of 3.7%, Dubai is one of the top cities in which you may envision a successful life ahead. A stable economy accompanied by affordable apartments for rent in Dubai and various job opportunities will lead you to the fulfillment of your dream for settling in one of the most desired cities of the world. The economic growth of Dubai is anticipated to face a boost by the year 2020 which will further uncover the opportunities for those who are planning to move and acquire apartments for rent in Dubai.

  • Ranked 1st Globally, in Employment Growth Rate

Despite a population of 3.103 million and more than 70% of the population being expatriates, Dubai maintains remarkable employment growth rate. If you are seeking for apartments for rent in Dubai and worried about your employment then this fact might give you a sigh of relief that Dubai stands 1st globally in employment growth rate. As stated by the Dubai Competitiveness Report 2018 issued by IMD World Competitiveness Centre, the economic performance of Dubai ranks 4th worldwide and 1st in the Arab world surpassing Japan, Hong Kong, and Canada

  • The World Expo 2020

Dubai world expo 2020 is going to set a benchmark by exhibiting the world’s first climate-controlled city. Around 180 countries have confirmed their participation in the expo, drawing around 25 million people from around the globe. This event will open doors of countless earning opportunities, therefore it is high time to get apartments for rent in Dubai for those who want to pursue a prosperous life ahead. The world expo is likely to provide immense employment to almost every class of people giving them a chance to excel.

  • Low Crime Rate

The law and order situation in Dubai is absolutely stable and the government diligently maintains it for the betterment of people. If security and law and order are your major concerns then you are going in the right direction by seeking apartments for rent in Dubai. The rigid rules and government’s emphasis on following those rules have made Dubai of the safest locations on the globe. The continual growth in the law and order department with the incorporation of latest techniques limits the crime rate in Dubai.

  • Astounding Tourists Places

Dubai has few of the world’s most stunning places to visit. The add-on of acquiring apartments in Dubai is that you’ll get to visit a few of the most beautiful places on earth.

  • Burj Khalifa – the tallest skyscraper in the world having 163 floors
  • Dubai Aquarium – with around 140 see-life species, it is one of the top attraction for tourists
  • Dubai Mall – providing extreme shopping and eating experience giving entry to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium
  • Burj Al-Arab – currently the tallest and one of the most expensive hotels in the world
  • Jumeirah Beach – one of the most attractive beach destinations providing water-sports facilities to the visitors

Apart from living a peaceful life, you would have the privilege of spending the best holidays if you choose to settle in Dubai.

Currently, there are a myriad of real estate dealers operative in Dubai, but to choose the authentic and the reliable ones is certainly a complicated task. Here is the list of few of the genuine real estate dealers who can arrange for the best apartments for rent in Dubai.

  • ezEstate
  • Dubizzle
  • Luxhabitat
  • Bayut
  • 135
  • 1

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