Rental Woes: Beware of Fake Online Tenancy Contracts

Beware of Fake Online Tenancy Contracts

Planning on living in Dubai or there already and need to renew your rental lease agreement? Residents have been warned to steer clear of shady individuals who are approaching families with “too good to be true” deals, promising that they’ll get tenancy contracts within days.

Falsely attested contracts have been sprouting up on the internet, and it is up to you to do your homework. Generally, real estate agencies take care of all the paperwork, but it’s good to know the basics.

Back in 2010, RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) in Dubai made it mandatory for all rental contracts to be registered with Ejari, which replaces the old ‘green’ Dubai tenancy agreement. Ejari registration online is a breeze as you simply have to follow the on-screen instructions and wait to hear back from your agent.

Are the Shortcuts Worth it?

Unfortunately, there have been cases reported where some individuals unable to afford rent resorted to buying counterfeit tenancy contracts online; they may have been unaware of it at the time, however, the risk this entails must be fully understood.

These shortcuts can result in serious repercussions which means ending up in jail, being deported and even barred permanently from re-entering the UAE.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation, claiming that you were a victim and unaware of the fake tenancy contract does not constitute an excuse and the way the law sees it, is that you paid money to buy a tenancy contract which was intentionally bought to be used as a fake document.

By law, not only the person responsible for forging the document, but the individual who also knowingly used the forged document are both punishable. For starters, this can lead to a 5-year prison sentence.

In such situations the Ministry of Interior may issue an administrative order which calls for the immediate deportation of a foreigner if he has no way of supporting himself. This deportation order also extends to the deportee’s family who are under the sponsorship.

Family Sponsorships and Forged Rental Contracts

Being able to sponsor family members should be seen as a privilege. As an applicant, it is your responsibility to ensure you can not only provide for yourself, but also the basic needs of your family. If you are financially restrained and unable to provide for your spouse, you can get an employment visa through your employer. Once both spouses are financially sound, one can transfer the visa sponsorship under the other.

Therefore, in the process of obtaining visas for your family members, it is your responsibility to be smart when it comes to tenancy contracts and not engage in any illegal practices.

Know that an attested tenancy contract is required when it’s time to renew your family members’ visas; if you had sponsored your family previously through a forged tenancy contract, do not repeat the same practice when its time to renew their visas.

The lease registration done with the help of Ejari registration online is linked with the immigration server. Authorities can easily verify the actual and legal occupant of the property under the tenancy agreement.

Why make things unnecessarily difficult for yourself? Just to reiterate: The RERA certified tenancy contract is the actual contract. Once the contract is fully executed, you then need to register it with Ejari which is the registration of the contract itself.

Be smart and always use the proper and legal channel for these processes – hire a seasoned Dubai real estate agency to have all your paperwork taken care of and land your dream tenancy contract.

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