Selling to the Millennial Crowd: How Snapchat Can Help You Seal More Deals

How Snapchat Can Help You Seal More Deals

Being an ambitious Dubai real estate agent, you’re probably on Snapchat already, aren’t you? If so, are you making the most of it to attract the young and hip “in” crowd?

Snapchat may have popped up on the mobile apps map as somewhat of an enigma, but it quickly became one of those must-haves in our mobile app staple. In a recent article, we laid out some tips on how to use Instagram to drive your real estate business and increase followership. In this piece, we’re talking about how best to use Snapchat to engage with the millennial crowd.

Snapchat – A Quick Overview

As long as you’re packing an Android or iOS smartphone, you can use Snapchat to exchange photo messages. Snap a photo or record a video clip, add a line or two of text and drawings among other filters.

There’s a catch though: you set a designated time limit between 1-10 seconds and send “your stuff” to select contacts. Set the scene with a story, referred to as a snap, and it’s pinned to your profile which is viewable for the next 24 hours.

I’m already using Instagram, Why do I Need Snapchat?

For sake of discussion, we only need to take these two differences into account as far as Instagram and Snapchat are concerned: permanence and privacy.

Unless you’re permanently keeping your profile to private, which you won’t naturally since you’re marketing your listings, your Instagram photos can be publicly viewed through various platforms and search methods.

For instance, typing ‘#realestate’ on Instagram lets you discover millions of other users who are using the same hashtag. Snapchat doesn’t quite function the same way. Instead, two Snapchat users need to add each other as contacts to be able to send/receive a snap, which of course, makes the app way more personal than Instagram.

Photos that are posted on Instagram remain permanently on your profile unless you choose to delete them. Snapchat, on the other hand, displays photos for up to 10 seconds until they are gone for good. The only exception is when you add a ‘snap story’ in which case they’ll hover around for a maximum of 24 hours. You can save snaps if you like, but they only get saved on your local device, not Snapchat itself. If the recipient uses the screenshot feature on their phone, or selects to replay a snap, the sender is notified immediately.

Photos Are Not Permanent, Why Bother?

The whole idea that drives Snapchat is ‘user mentality’. With Instagram, the user focus is typically on how many likes and followers you gain, prestige points if you will, that place a certain degree of pressure on you to continue posting content that your users eagerly and regularly engage with.

On Snapchat, there’s no such pressure. For the premise behind Snapchat is to present yourself to the client as someone who’s fun and quirky; enticing and engaging your contacts with a snap story of what you’re doing.

Now when we look at teens and millennial users, we observe how they love using Snapchat and exchanging traditional text messages. Look at it this way: it’s far more exciting and easier to send a clip of the new movie premiere you’re attending, for instance, rather than texting your best buddy “Hey yo! I’m at this theater catching the new Bond movie premiere. It’s packed I tell ya, and the sound system is unbelievable here!”

Using Snapchat to Engage with Millennial Prospects

Snapchat really comes together on its own where text messages are highly feasible and appropriate. While it isn’t nearly as useful for lead generation as Twitter or Instagram is for Dubai property listings for sale, it is extrememly useful when it comes to prospect engagement and retention. For starters, when you come into contact with a prospect and exchange contact information, casually but humbly ask if they are on Snapchat and if you can add them in order to provide updates on the property hunt or Dubai property listings for sale in their area.

Now imagine this: your client gets a text message from you that reads “I have a great villa in mind for you. Let’s check it out”. Exciting? Sure, it can be, if your prospect is merely interested in checking out random villas. Now imagine your client receives a short video clip (or photos) panning around an elegant living room complete with a fireplace and mesmerizing view of the beach, accompanied by the sound of the waves and seagulls, and a caption that says “check out the view here”.

This is where the beauty of the Snap lies – drawing your client into that environment where they can visualize what it must be like to live there. They would always want to see more and you must use this limitation to your advantage in order to compel your client to see more.

Imagine if a client receives anywhere between five and ten beautifully captured snaps from you each week; they’re going to start thinking “this agent is really narrowing down some killer options for me, I should check these out before someone else signs the contract”. Even after you get a client successfully committed to a piece of property, you might send them a snap of the contractual documents or possession papers with the caption “your paperwork is good to go!” or one that shows the front gate, accompanied by the caption “your brand new home is ready to be occupied”. There are limitless possibilities; in fact, you are only limited by your creative imagination. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t be intrusive or too personal.

Make all your prospects and clients feel connected to not just you but the property they are about to buy or rent. And while you’re at it, register yourself with one of the top real estate agent network in the UAE today, so that future prospects can easily find you. This also happens to be the perfect place to ask your satisfied customers to leave testimonials which can be leveraged to add more credibility to your Dubai agent profile.

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