Top 4 Reasons Why Every Dubai Real Estate Agent Should be on Snapchat

Top 4 Reasons Why Every Dubai Real Estate Agent Should be on Snapchat 1

Once upon a time, in a virtual space far far away, Twitter and Facebook came into being which were initially not that well received in terms of an effective tool for marketing. With the passage of time, these two actually proved to be highly critical and essential tools for devising effective marketing strategies.

Snapchat is on this list of next generation social marketing tools which aims to boost your real estate marketing efforts, provided you know how to make the most of it.

A 2014 report highlighted how Snapchat users at the time were sending more than 700 million pics and video clips on a daily basis. Content from Snapchat Stories was being viewed 500 million times a day. To date, Snapchat is easily among the most wildly popular and downloaded app in both Android and Apple app stores. As a Dubai real estate agent, you need to join the clan of Snapchat users to not only position yourself as an industry expert but also gain followers by the thousands, even millions.

Snapchat is Perfect for Real Estate Agents

If you think about it – what better way to showcase listings and give prospects sneak peaks of their future home than Snapchat? It may seem complicated at first to see the benefits this social networking app boasts, however, there are ways of seamlessly blending it into your social media marketing strategy.

Here are top four reasons why you absolutely need to be on Snapchat.

1. Picturing Real Estate

Real estate is very much a visual industry. So is Snapchat- it is visual in nature. Superb photography and clever video clips that capture the soul of a home are very important elements of successful marketing Dubai property for sale or rent. Therefore, a platform such as Snapchat is ideal for showcasing highlights and strengths of a home.

2. Fast “Visual” answers to Customer Questions

Snapchat is an excellent way of communicating “live” with your customers, something that many property agents still aren’t doing. The app makes it possible to provide “real time feedback and assistance” in five to ten-second video clips or photos.

Imagine this: a Snapchat user snaps you in a video; he/she asks you about the best schools in an area where they want to get a home. You respond with a video message, giving a brief overview of best schools in that area. When you think about it, it’s truly a great way to answer questions while establishing yourself as the authoritative or “go to” guy. Think about the brand trust you’re building for yourself or your Dubai real estate company.

3. Let Them See Who You Are

Just like other social networks, Snapchat was build simply to have fun while staying connected with people you really enjoy connecting with. The most successful Snapchat users (agents in particular) need to pay heed to this if they want to maximize the potential for success of their marketing campaigns.

Use Snapchat to reveal behind-the-scene pics/videos of the latest Dubai rental property listings for example. Imagine the responses you’ll be getting from prospects. Watching a clip or photos of a home you want is a lot more interesting than simply reading a listing on the internet or newspaper, isn’t it? The better you get at this, the more reason people will have to engage with you.

4. Ideal for Attracting Millennials

Millennials – the younger buyers – actually represent a major chunk of the demographic affecting real estate. This trend will continue for years to come. These prospective home-hunters and sellers are way more active on social networks including Snapchat, than anything else. It makes perfect business sense to gear your marketing efforts towards the larger audiences who are ready to buy and sell, as long as they see something they really like. Sellers for instance, want to see firsthand where the greatest ROIs can be made – Snapchat is perfect for the task.

In addition to making the most of Snapchat, you might also want to educate your customers on the latest stats to keep them in on the loop. Also, have yourself registered on one of the top real estate agent networks in the UAE so that prospects can easily get to know you and rely on you as the expert.

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