Top 5 Reasons Why Dubai is the Ideal Place for Business and Investments

Top 5 Reasons Why Dubai is the Ideal Place for Business and Investments

The last few years have been a testament to Dubai becoming a business, investment and lifestyle hotspot of epic proportions.

The Maseratis, Lamborghinis or Ferraris that parade the streets, the ultra-lavish hotels, the beautiful crystalline waters – we’ve all seen them one way or another. Yet many wonder why the city of Dubai is so special.

The below sea-level hotel rooms and indoor ski resorts are an ode to the alluring beauty of Dubai, which today is booming with business and commerce opportunities. The mild climate, strategic location and sheer amount of wealth that flows through Dubai make it an ideal hub for growth and development. Dubai has a lot to offer.

Here’s why Dubai is among the best places you could choose in terms of not just living and working but also business and investments.

1. Infrastructure

The US or Singapore are not the only ones to have tall buildings or a robust infrastructure. Dubai has actually managed to outpace them all by building the word’s tallest building – the Burj-ul-Khalifa, not to mention the stunning and mesmerizing hotels, and residential as well as office buildings that have been built over the years.

Dubai’s road and maritime infrastructure boast precision and high quality, rivaling some of the best around the world. The different modes of transport are highly economical with bus and taxi services, a tram line and metro system, not to mention a high-speed railway that is currently undergoing implementation.

2. Ports

Ability to accommodate millions of tons of cargo each year, check. Highly efficient and among the most well-equipped sea ports in the world, check.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dubai’s port has been repeatedly chosen as the preferred designated cargo handling destination by freight giants. The port’s capabilities further cement Dubai’s allure as a hub for fast and high-profile business transactions, letting companies move around large quantities of their cargo with ease, around the world.

3. The Life

People living in Dubai are not at all afraid to spend what they earn – some of which are seasonal impulse buyers, given their immense wealth. This level of spending attracts business by the numbers, allowing them to accommodate customers who are immune to downtrends and global slowdowns, so to speak.

The unemployment rate in Dubai sits at a humble 4% which means money is constantly circulating. As a foreign investor or a business looking to build there pillars in a new market, Dubai is where you want to be because people are willing to generously spend here in order to fulfill their dreams and desires.

4. Handsome Real Estate Returns

People are investing in the UAE property market by the dozens, and with good reason as the rental yields coming from apartments for rent in Dubai here are undoubtedly among the best you can get, compared to other international real estate markets.

From an investment perspective, this is all the motivation you need, really – the real estate sector is thriving off investments from foreigners from around the globe, as much as 80%. Dubai’s realty and construction sectors are in fact, the largest contributor responsible for boosting the city’s economy by 22%.

5. No Tax, No Worries

Dubai’s economy is 100% tax-free – you get to enjoy all your earnings, no matter what shape or form they are in. Just imagine starting a business here and getting to keep ALL of the profits.

Did you know Dubai is ranked 7th as the most visited city in the world? It also has the fastest going air traffic in any city. Shopping is a major economic force you see, and that’s aided by the city’s thriving tourism industry.

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