Understanding the Risks and Ramifications of Forging a Dubai Tenancy Contract

Understanding the Risks and Ramifications of Forging a Dubai Tenancy Contract


Forging a tenancy contract is a serious offence and unfortunately, more than a few cases in Dubai have been reported as of late.

People often unknowingly find themselves getting caught in the middle of a fraudulent tenancy contract as PROs offer to make arrangements for tenancy contracts and Ejari certificates required for the resident visa process. It is, however, up to you to distinguish between a fraudulent and legitimate process and going with the former will end in legal proceedings, at times, up to a 6-year jail term.

The Ejari Connection and Penalty for Forging Documents

Sometimes, it comes down to a lack of awareness about how Ejari comes into play and the laws governing tenancy contracts, due to which people find themselves in these unfortunate circumstances. Either that, or sheer ignorance due to which many residents have approached freelance brokers or PROs who promise getting them a Dubai tenancy contract and family visa at a preposterously low price or superfast timeline.

Know that taking shortcuts and obtaining forged documents will land you in Dubai courts as criminal charges can be levied against you and everyone involved.

The Advocate General and Head of Naturalization and Residency Prosecution, Mr. Ali Humeid Bin Khatem, has made an open statement that anyone caught in this act and claiming to be the victim due to any given reason shall not be considered innocent and he/she will face full prosecution according to the law.

Some have claimed to pay close to 1000 AED to PROs and brokers to get the Ejari certificate and tenancy contract, even though Ejari registration online costs just over 245 AED.

Getting a proper Dubai tenancy contract is, in a way, proof that the applicant has accommodation to take care of his family members before he can be given a visa. This is simply a security measure to ensure that the applicant can provide for his family while they are in Dubai.

Through the Ejari electronic system which was started by the Land Department to authenticate all tenancy contracts in Dubai, forgery cases can be easily detected and prevented.

When completing Ejari registration online, keep your Emirates ID, passport copy and a recent DEWA bill handy. In addition, an original RERA-certified tenancy contract is also required.

Some Residents Continue to Fall Victim

The Naturalization and Residency Prosecution has repeatedly issued warnings through the media to residents that are forging tenancy contracts in order to obtain visas for their families.

In many cases, it has been reported that people are willingly giving away money to arrange for tenancy contracts in a bid to avoid paying up bulk advance rent that is required to obtain housing in Dubai.

Just to reiterate, paying cash to obtain a forged tenancy contract or Ejari certificate is a major offence that’s punishable by criminal proceedings, according to Article 217 of the Federal penal Code. In cases, where the victim and any individuals involved are found guilty, the courts have the authority to award a jail term of 5-6 years and deport the accused.

Always make sure you obtain your Dubai tenancy contract and Ejari certificate through a registered real estate portal in Dubai. To put it mildly, these shortcuts are simply not worth your time or energy.

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One thought on “Understanding the Risks and Ramifications of Forging a Dubai Tenancy Contract

  1. Dear owners, please do not trust a company called Green House Properties with an office in Millennium Hotel number 701.
    I have given them my unit for a rent in 4 cheques. Cheque number one was bounced with a reason : closed account.
    Obviously, the rest of the cheques are bounced as well.
    Now it’s a nightmare to get in touch with them and to get my money back. Police and Court are involed, however, everything takes a lot of time, effort and money.
    Their RERA licence is expired and they are not even paying salaries to their employees.
    Stay away from them.

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