Using Instagram Already to Market Your Real Estate Listings? Dos and Don’ts to Live by

Dos and Donts to Live by

Real estate agents everywhere are harnessing the power of Instagram to share unique photos and videos to feature their listings as well as sneak peaks of their daily work routines. Interview videos, live deals getting sealed, homeowner and tenant tips, testimonials – Instagram is right up there as one of the most potent tools for Dubai real estate agents today.

You are most likely doing all you can to make the most of Instagram when it comes to generating leads and serving customers but are you being mindful of certain pitfalls to avoid or taking certain steps to make sure you’re target audience finds you in a few clicks?

Here are some agent dos and don’t you should be considering when promoting yourself and your real estate company through Instagram:

Your Dos

Post photos and videos YOU recorded

Why does any audience follow anyone on Instagram? To keep tabs on them of course! So in your case, people would want to be aware of the latest and greatest listings you have in store for them. They are also very keen to know your insights on market conditions and see what clients as well as colleagues are saying about your daily on goings.

What this means is you give everyone a slice of what your day is like through photos you took and videos that you and only you recorded.

Record scripted videos whenever possible

Before you start recording videos of listings, you need to know exactly what the message is you’re trying to get across. On one hand, being spontaneous can help everything look and feel more natural; however, on the other, since you have a maximum of 15 seconds to record your clip, it’s very important to make the most of this limited time and get your message across as intended.

What you should do first is go for a list, preferably bullets, of the main aspects of the listing you’re focusing on. Then, record clips of all the unique aspects you want to shoot while adding commentary. This is not to say impromptu clips are a bad idea though they are best utilized for recording, say, a real estate conference or sharing general tips and updates with your audience such as what the Dubai real estate market scene is currently like, for instance.

Get clients to take part in testimonial videos


You probably have a YouTube channel where you showcase videos recorded with clients. You really need to ask satisfied clients to appear in testimonial videos that can be put up on Instagram.

Fifteen seconds may not be enough to get a comprehensive review from a client though recording a series of videos showing how your clients are happy with various aspects of the real estate process, can have the power to influence people when it’s time for them to make the big purchase. Great testimonials can help you close more deals as people already know how satisfied your existing clients are.

Your Don’ts

Using and altering stock photos for your Instagram profile

Believe it or not, some agents have tried this: adding text to stock photos so that they appear authentic, to promote their business.

“Gaming” Instagram like this is generally not a good idea. Original photos which detail your current listings is the best way to convert visitors to followers and give them a compelling reason to further explore your Instagram page.

You spend a good deal of your time gathering genuine listings; why not snap original and highly personalized photos to use as marketing collateral for your listings?

Requesting/buying “likes” or followers for your account

Asking people to like stuff on your Instagram page spells “desperate”. In the short run, you may get a couple of likes from non-followers, though in the long run, people will see that you’re not that successful an agent as you’re having to go around asking people to like your Instagram material (one way or another, they tend to find out). Similarly, under no circumstances should you pay anyone to promote or like things on your Instagram profile.

The whole idea behind Instagram is to boost brand awareness. You should be spending your hard-earned cash on actual real estate marketing tactics that benefit you in the long haul – building a responsive website, for example, or hiring an experienced social media marketer to promote your business on all mediums.

Going overboard with the editing

Editing photos you took yourself to make them appear juicier or more appealing is not recommended at all. An occasional touch-up to fix inadequate lighting or altering brightness/contrast to better highlight the main assets of a property is fine though too much editing in an attempt to make it appear perfect in every way, can do more harm than good.

Filters can lead to quality degradation, especially if you’re going to be advertising them on mediums other than Instagram. It is best to keep the use of enhancements and filters to a minimum, preferably none at all. Instead, take your photos in natural light and take multiple shots from different angles so you can shortlist the best ones from each photo set.

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