Welcome to UAE: 3 reasons why expats love to live and work here


Scoring high on factors such as reputation and quality of life, the UAE has moved up in a global residence and citizenship programs (GRCP) 2016 report.

Released by Henley & Partners, a company into residence and citizenship planning, shows the UAE continues to lead the region in residence attractiveness, ranking 13 out of 19 in this year’s GRCP. This represents an increase of two positions from last year, up from number 15 in the 2015 report.

“Globally and particularly in the Mena region, the UAE continues to be a leading and preferred destination for residence and ranks very highly in our annual indexes. This year, the UAE has been able to move up two spots from last year’s ranking, especially because it scores well on some of the residence benchmark indicators including reputation, quality of life, tax, processing time and quality of processing.”

Why do expatriates find the UAE attractive to reside in?

1. A safe environment

For any expat safety of a place is one of the most important factors that can make a place attractive or not. The UAE scores high on this account.

Past reports have highlighted that UAE scores well on several factors that make it a preferred destination to live in.

A previous global Social Progress Index ranked the UAE as number one for the lowest level of violent crime, the lowest homicide rate, the lowest undernourishment rate, and the highest rate of enrolment in secondary education.

The country also ranked number one in the world for treating women with respect. This study was based on reports of 132 countries around the world.

2. Economic and social freedom

The UAE also tops list of Arab countries in Legatum Prosperity Index for Social Prosperity issued by the Legatum Institute in London.

The country is first in the Arab world in the State of World Liberty Index, which is a ranking of countries according to the degree of economic and personal freedoms that their citizens enjoy.

3. Job opportunities

The UAE has been ranked the ninth best place globally to set up a home because of the high salaries, generous benefits packages, and a greater quality of life in the country.

According to HSBC’s Expat Explorer 2015 survey, the UAE is a bright spot despite global employment growth stalling at 1.4 per cent according to the International Labour Organisation.

The survey states that expats continue to flock to the country due to the better job prospects and higher salaries on offer. Over half (53 per cent) say that the country is a good place to advance a career – compared to the global average of 41 per cent – while a large number also believe it is a good place to acquire new skills (47 per cent).

A previous LinkedIn study, which covers more than 380 million members around the world, also showed that the UAE remains the most popular destination for professionals beating other job markets like Canada, Australia and Singapore.

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