Who is Responsible When Facing Problem and the Developer is no Longer Active in the UAE?


The building where I own a few apartments has found that there is a defect in the cooling system.  The developer is no longer active in the UAE.  Who is responsible for repair?


Thank you for your email.

* The developer is liable for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and civil works for one year after completion of the building. 

* The developer is also liable for 10 years for any major structural defects in the building.

 * An architect and contractor are liable to the developer for any major structural defects.

 * If the developer is no longer available to pursue claims, investors can attempt to do so against the concerned architects and contractors.

The above answer has been brought to you by Mario Volpi who is the Managing Director of Ocean View Real Estate in Dubai. Mario has 30 years of property industry experience in Dubai and London.

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