Why Real Estate Agents Can’t Afford to Miss Out on Instagram


Instagram – home to 150 million monthly active users and undeniably among the fastest growing social media platforms today, even outpacing Facebook. Did you know Instagram now also has a Handbook for Brands where it proactively works with businesses?

As a hard-working and ambitious real estate agent in Dubai, you really need to partner with Instagram as it can be an uber-useful means of chalking out your real estate marketing strategy. People are after all, keen on knowing what’s hot in the market. Just take a look at the sheer volume of real estate reality shows that have found their way on many global TV networks.

Here’s what you should be doing to make the most of Instagram to better resonate with your target audience:

Let Them Know What it Takes to be You

Take a good look at any real estate reality show and you’ll come to know people really are interested in knowing what it really takes to be a good agent. Don’t hesitate to show “behind the scenes” photos on your Instagram profile as it’s a great way of increasing your followership and engagement.

Why not share your experiences as one of your listing from the Dubai real estate market is about to go live? Capture the daily happenings of the local community you work with. Show how pleased your clients are when they leave the closing table with their dream property. Ask clients to share a few thoughts about their experience – you can use that as a caption for your next photo.

All of this lets people know how motivated and happy you are to do your job, not to mention the countless testimonials you can use to leverage a larger following.

How the Facebook Acquisition Benefits You

Intagram’s spot in the social media space has been publicly solidified, thanks to the 2012 Facebook acquisition. The two platforms are highly compatible now and you should capitalize on this.

Every time your Instagram photos are shared, Facebook wants people looking at nicely filtered photos from their own unique network. So if you want your posts hovering at the top of the news feed for longer, you should post photos through Instagram. For instance, you can try sharing an image directly from any non-FB network and then do the same through Instagram just to see the difference in which one gets better engagement and looks better too once posted.

For a fact, you’d want to have all your real estate photos shared on Facebook through Instagram, to acquire a significantly higher number of prospective clients.

The Geotag Feature

This lets you add the location of a video or photo, which is a great way of attracting more traffic to your account and Dubai real estate company. Photo locations work the same as a hashtag and people can easily see snaps of any piece of property. If you’re post is really great and focuses on a hot locality, it’s only a matter of time before people living within close proximity start engaging with it. You can do this when you’re editing a post’s description.

Where this feature really shines though is its ability to pinpoint the location of homes you have sold or helped lease out. This never hurts as prospects can see all your agent achievements on a photo map. Use SnapWidget to display your photo map on your website along with sold properties. A subtle yet superb promotional tool, wouldn’t you agree?

Personalized Web Profiles

Instagram also lets you create web profiles that quite exquisitely display your property listing photos as well as your profile photo and bio. Go to Instagram.com (followed by a ‘/’ and your username) and you’ll see how your real estate prowess is displayed, especially if you’re already engaging audiences with the “behind the scenes” approach discussed earlier.

You’ll need downloadable badges which help to link and promote your web profile. You not only want prospects and clients to find your Instagram profile but also a link to your main website, so include this in your bio. Here is one example of how an agent advertises her services.

Give Them a Virtual Property Tour

Each time you get a new listing, make a short video clip of the property before posting it on Instagram. These videos can be anywhere between 5 and 15 seconds long, so it’s probably best to preview individual sections of the property at a time.

An app called Flipagram creates short Instagram clips utilizing photos and music. Take property photos in a group and upload them to Flipagram. This is a great option for displaying listings and it can prove to be far more straightforward than trying to record a professional-looking clip on your phone. So harness the power of Instagram videos to advertise your listings.

Instagram is here to say, and as a Dubai property agent, you should be utilizing this social media platform in every way you can. Show off new listings and past accomplishments to clients, draw in more traffic to your business and let people know how much you love doing this!

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