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Buy vs Rent Calculator

This calculator from ezEstate will help you decide whether to rent or to buy property.

Our Rent vs Buy Calculator assists you in calculating costs in both cases.

Rent vs Buy Tool
Here is an example of how it works. The calculator will ask you to enter the following details:
Target monthly rent AED 3,000
Target home price AED 1,000,000
Period of residence 6 years
Down payment 5%
Mortgage rate 10%

The calculator will calculate the following for you:

In case of rent:

  1. Agent fee (5% of the annual rent paid once)
  2. Total renting cost (Yearly Rent x Tenure + Agent Fees)

So, if the rent is calculated according to the example budget mentioned above then the total renting cost will be AED 217,800.

In case of purchase:

  1. Agent fee( 2% of Home Price)
  2. Land Department fee (4% of Home Price)
  3. Mortgage valuation fee ( In UAE, this amount is fixed at AED 3,000)
  4. Mortgage processing fee (1% of Principal Amount)
  5. Knowledge fee (AED 10)
  6. Total fee (Agent fee + Land Department fee + mortgage valuation fee + mortgage processing fee + knowledge fee)

If the buying price is calculated as per the above example then the monthly mortgage fee will be AED 5,261 and the monthly total cost will be AED 6,261.

Following the example, ezEstate's Rent vs. Buy Calculator shows that there is a difference of AED 3,236 in the rent and purchase cost. It shows that renting the property will prove to be 50% cheaper for you as compared to buying it. This would help you make a more informed decision about your property rent or purchase.

Note: The difference and result will vary according to your budget.

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What is your target monthly rent?
What is your target home price?
How long would you live there?
Down payment?
Mortgage rate?

Renting Cost


70,756 / Month

Buying Cost


55,683 / Month

Target Monthly rent 37,648
Agent Fees in Case of Rent 5% of Yearly Rent (Once) 22,589
Total Renting Cost (Yearly Rent x Stay Period) + Agent Fees) 2,733,245
Target monthly rent 37,962
Target Home Price 1,000,000
Down Payment % 10
Principal Amount 900,000
Agent Fees 2 % of Home Price 20,000
Land Dept Fee 4 % of Home Price 40,000
Mortgage Valuation Fee Fixed in UAE 3,000
Mortgage Processing Fee 1 % of Principal Amount 9,000
Knowledge Fee 10
Total Fee Agent Fee+Land Dept Fee+Mrtg Valuation & Processing Fees+Knowledge Fee 72,010
Monthly Mortgage Payment 5,261
Total Monthly Buying Cost 6,261
Cheaper Buying
Difference Rent/Buy 31,700
Difference % 84
This calculator is provided for educational and informational purposes only. You should not take any action on the basis of the information provided through this calculator. It relies on assumptions and information provided by you regarding your goals, expectations and financial situation. All figures are hypothetical and may not be accurate indicators of historical or current performance. Past performance does not guarantee nor indicate future results. This calculator does not take into account individual circumstances and should not be relied upon in any way as the sole source of information. Please consult with financial, tax, and legal advisers for any advice relating to your personal circumstances. This service shall not infer that the company assumes any fiduciary duties.