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"We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us” - Winston Churchill. A philosophy that every resident experience yet seldom realizes it. We, at AEON Properties believe in such philosophy. Established on October 11, 2012 AEON has entered a robust and vibrant real estate market of Dubai with a simple ideology – to unlock your dream home. Dubai, host to multicultural backgrounds, offers a diverse set of areas, each comprising of unique characteristics appealing to a variety of individuals. However, these choices are not always right in front of you. We believe it should be. The choice is liberating. AEON wishes to give you that choice. Though, a choice made should be one that is well informed. Balanced with a mesh of youth and experience, AEON’s lot of property consultants is dedicated to their assigned areas allowing them to gauge and disseminate the information you need to make an informed choice. Herein lies the key to finding the perfect home – after all, each door has its unique key. At AEON Properties, we listen to you, we analyze your needs but most importantly, we empathize with you. Marketing gurus coined the term “ABC - always be closing” aeons ago but we beg to differ. We believe such attitude only leads to post purchase dissonance – an expression the same gurus coined but ignored by most. We know our business cannot thrive by pushing ourselves onto our client, but rather by pulling our clients close to understand them.

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