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United Gulf Properties (UGP) is a full service real estate solutions business based in Abu Dhabi which is a part of the leading conglomerate Murabahat Real Estate Solutions with its HQ in Kuwait. Since its birth back in 2007, UGP was initiated to serve the GCC region and started its operations in KSA, UAE and Kuwait making it truly redeem its name - United Gulf Properties. UGP’s success reflected exponentially and spread its operations to Turkey, Bosnia and United Kingdom covering the Europe, The Middle East & Africa region. UGP has since then, maintained the position of being a premier provider of full-service residential and commercial real estate solutions based on Islamic Sharia legislation. In United Gulf Properties we embrace change and are constantly challenging tradition because we have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates. We do business differently to give you the edge and ultimately change how the real estate business is going. We are combined of a team who spent a very long time in this industry over the years, which enables us to have pioneered innovative solutions for a myriad of challenges locally and in other parts of the world with an aim to promote sustainable living. This will be the first company in the region to construct a major business mind shift using the advanced techniques to serve, help and achieve. Customer service has always been a foundation that drives everyone around UGP and has been the cornerstone for its success. The number of high end portfolio and clients that UGP has acquired in all these years, is a testament to our focus on customer needs, ability to deliver on schedule and most importantly maintain a strong customer relations. Our portfolio consists of several commercial and residential buildings covering national and international markets out of which, some of them are owned and operated by UGP – Murabahat Real Estate Solutions, which gives us the leading edge in the real estate market making us a pure real estate business. In other words UGP is an organization built on customers’ visions and dreams and the undying quench of fulfilling these dreams to the most realistic extent. UGP aims to make finding you the ideal property simple by providing end-to-end comprehensive real estate solutions including all kinds of Property consultancies & management, selling or renting whether it was commercial or residential. For more details please contact us through: 026777377 - 0502023120