Dubai Souks

The Arabic word souk refers to a market where business takes place. In Dubai you can delight in several such souks and capture some of their old-world ambience, with dedicated souks for gold, spices and perfumes. Apart from these, there are also newer souks incorporating modern amenities, so go ahead and have fun exploring! Generally opening hours are: Daily 0700-12 noon and 1700-1900; and Fri 1700-1900. Admission is Free.

Dubai Gold Souk

  • Sikkat Al Khail Street, Deira

    There are more than 300 jewellers on the strips. In the afternoon and early evening the streets are bustling with people. You will find both traditional and modern gold collections, which come in various colours, as well as carats. In addition to gold, the souk also houses precious and semi-precious gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls. Prices are very reasonable and largely determined by weight, rather than design and craftsmanship, as in western markets.

    The Government keeps tight control over the quality of all the merchandise, so rest assured that your purchases are genuine. What’s more , a good amount of haggling will surely bring down prices. Located near Al Ras Metro Stn and Palm Deira Metro Stn., Deira.

Gold Souk

  • Looking for a special something to take home, but don’t want to spend hours in a modern, air-conditioned mall? Take an abra across the creek and then stroll through the cobbled alleyways of the Gold Souk to experience a taste of old-world Arabia while you shop.

    One of the most popular and well-known tourist attractions of Dubai - long been known as the City Of Gold - the Gold Souk is a network of narrow streets situated in Deira, one of the oldest parts of town. Offering every type of jewellery known to man, the Gold Souk is full of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings spilling out of each shop front, while stones of every hue sparkle in the sunshine.

    Expect prices to vary according to colour and carat, as well as whether the piece was made by a craftsman or by machine. And alongside jewellery, expect to see traditional textiles such as pashminas and scarves and perhaps a watch seller or two.

    Be prepared for vendors to approach you and attempt to entice you into their store but don’t worry, it’s all friendly - simply decline politely if you’re happy just browsing windows. And don’t forget, never pay the first price you’re offered. Part of the fun is haggling to find a price you’re both happy with; you want to feel like you’ve got a good deal and your salesman doesn’t want to feel he’s been robbed!

Perfume Souk

  • Al Ras area, Sikkat Al khail road, Deaira Relish a delightful, olfactory experience at the Perfume Souk, where local and international perfumes strive for incense, perfumed essential oils, soaps and other items to enhance both body and soul.

Dubai Perfume Souk

  • Did you ever wonder as to what made the Arabian lands so exotic? Well, here is the answer – perfumes. With this you’d probably conjure up a slightly floral or fruity based fragrance. But this is not the case with the Middle East. The perfumes in this region are spicy and strong. It is a part of their lifestyle and culture. You will find a sharp fragrance in every room or tent in the Middle East. This touch of piquant aromas makes their perfumes seductive and alluring. The best place to buy Arab perfumes is at the Dubai perfume souk. You can walk from shop to shop savoring the stimulating scents and at the same watch people bargain over their purchases.

    The Dubai perfume souk is located on the Sikkat Al Khail Street on Deira side of Dubai. Most people perceive that perfumes are light and flowery. Such perfumes are Western creations and they leave subtle overtones about a person. Since Arab perfumes are strong, the scent still lingers for a long time even after a person is not sitting or standing next to you. This lingering trail leaves a mark in your life and remains fresh in your memory. Such is the specialty of the fragrances at the Dubai perfume souk. At the souk, you will not just find traditional Arabian ittar, but also branded and designer perfumes from around the world. The perfume jars filled with a multitude of fragrances look extremely attractive and inviting.

    At the perfume souk you will find thousands of scents. You can take your pick depending on your taste or well, on your “olfactory senses”. If you think that none of the fragrances suit you, then you can ask the shop owner to create an all new scent that will suit you beautifully. The custom made aromas are mixed taking into to account your skin as well as personality type. This was once considered a luxury and now you can proudly walk out of the store with a signature scent. This is an entirely new experience by far; not the same as buying perfumes in shopping malls.

    Unlike regular perfume stores in malls, shopkeepers give you a whiff of the fragrances you want to look at through incenses. You will not see any local sampling fragrances in a ‘spray by’ manner. In addition to perfumes, you can also buy incense at the Dubai perfume souk. They are sold in the form of sticks, powder, crystal, rock and wood. Arabian perfumes are oil based and they tend to leave a stain when sprayed on clothes. So be careful and make sure you don’t do so. The perfumes are well priced and you can buy several bottles if you know how to haggle.

    Frankincense is the most popular incense and is available in every store at the Dubai perfume souk. Breathe in the aromatic creations and imbibe within you their cultural significances. It’s not just a perfume; it’s your personality that is wafting like an aura.

Spice Souk

  • Al Ras area, Sikkat Al Khail Road, Deira also known as the Old Souk because it was the first souk in Dubai, the Spice Souk presents an old-world charm, with narrow lanes packed with shoppers and where the heady aromas of cinnamon, cardamoms, cloves nutmeg, star anise and saffron waft through the air.

    The Spice Souk can be found in the oldest part of Deira, next to the Gold Souk by the Creek - Looking for an authentic Arabian shopping trip, perhaps to evoke images of the Dubai of old before the era of enormous, shiny shopping malls? Then the Spice Souk could well be just what you’re looking for. It’s a real taste of shopping how it used to be in Dubai, back in the days when the city was just a small fishing port on the banks of the Creek, and it’s a must for any visitor looking for a bit of heritage and culture.

    Teeming with stalls, stores and more, the Spice Souk can be found in the oldest part of Deira, next to the Gold Souk by the Creek (just follow your nose!).

    Sure, it’s the ideal place to pick up spices of any description, but it’s more than that; it’s a cultural experience you won’t want to miss. Tasting, smelling and haggling is all part of the fun and your chosen vendor will be disappointed if you don’t sit down and discuss the merits of each spice with him! And of course, he’ll fully expect you to argue over the price (as long as you keep it friendly!).

    You’ll find pretty much any spice you care to name in the Spice Souk, and plenty that are new to you, as well as all kinds of other foodstuffs including rice, dates and nuts. While we’re pretty sure it’s all good, we’ve heard the saffron - rather a prized spice, if you get the top quality variety - can’t be beaten. All in all, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon getting to know the real Dubai.

Souk Kabeer or Meena Bazaar

  • Across the Spice Souk in Bur Dubai one visit to Meena Bazaar is enough to make it unforgettable. Referred to by some as Little India, it features a wide selection of textiles, garments, electronics and food.

    The Meena Bazaar is always busy, packed with residents and travelers looking for a traditional shopping experience. The bazaar boasts clothing, fabrics, authentic (and imitation) jewelery, watch repair shops and a number of busy eateries.

    Many visitors compare Meena Bazaar with an authentic Mumbai bazaar, for the large number of Indian clothing shops on its premises. The bazaar was initially named Cosmos Lane.

Naif Souks

  • Al Sabkha Road, Deira more along the lines of a traditional Arabic bazaar, the Dubai Naif Souk features a wide range of fabric and materials, along with ready-made clothes. Also called Textile Souk it has toys, bags, lingerie, knick-knacks and gifts, all at great bargain prices.

    Naif Souk in Dubai is a traditional Arabic market where the visitor can find any fabrics and readymade clothes.

    Naif Souk is among the oldest marketplaces in Dubai. Naif Souk is a shopping spot of locals where you can find bags, toys and duplicates of popular designer wear. This marketplace is located at Deira and it is also known as the ‘Cabin market’. In 2008, the Naif Souk caught fire and out of 190 shops, 184 shops were reduced into ashes. Naif Souk was reconstructed and reopened after two years of fire.

    The renovated Naif Souk consists of the 218 air-conditioned shops with car parking where 100 vehicles can be parked. Naif Souk has modern amenities like coffee shops, municipality offices, two lifts, two elevators, 44 kiosks, and toilets. The renovated Naif Souk has WiFi connection and restaurants also. More tourists are attracted towards the modernized souk. Safety measures are taken by the municipality to avoid any fire hazards in future.

    The renovated souk has fire safety equipments and emergency exits. The Naif Souk is open from 7am to 12pm and from 5pm to 8pm daily. This souk is famous for unique items available at affordable prices.

    Naif Souk also participates in Dubai Shopping Festival as it increases the sales of the merchants in Naif Souk. During Dubai shopping festival, sales at Naif Souk increases up to 15%. The merchants at this souk offer 25% to 40% discounts for the tourists which lures more and more customers to the souk. Naif Souk offers great shopping experience to the shoppers and visitors as the souk provide traditional Arabic atmosphere. Bargain hunters can enjoy their shopping at Naif Souk. The visitors can bargain on a variety of items such as cosmetics, health products, furniture, electronics, carpets, toys, textiles and home appliances.

    Naif Souk is a popular shopping destination during the time of Dubai Shopping Festival. Naif souk is famous for selling things at wholesale and affordable prices to the customers. Naif souk offers a chance to win half kilograms of gold daily and DH 1000 for each purchase. The visitors also have the chance of winning an Infiniti QX56. Naif Souk offers more shops and better facilities than before. Naif Souk is constructed in two floors. First floor of the souk follows local architecture. Ground floor of the souk consists of 111 shops and first floor consists of 107 shops.

    This traditional souk offers art and craft works of local experts. You must visit the Naif Souk, if you would like to experience the local culture. The souk is the combination of tradition and modernity in its looks and shops. Dubai souks are colorful, noisy, and attractive like other market places. Now, the Naif Souk does not look like as if it caught fire and burnt almost all the shop because of the renovation. The external and internal facades of the souk are constructed according to international standards. Enjoy your shopping in Naif Souk in Dubai at comparatively low prices.

Electronics Souk

  • Al Sabkha Road, Deira

    If you are a techno or gadget geek, the Electronics Souk is the place to head for the latest gizmos at some great prices.

    The Electronics Souk contains hundreds of dusty neon-lit shops that stock everything from mosque-shaped alarm clocks to MP3 players. Some of the stock has been here for years, but the kitsch value is sky-high.

Dubai Covered Souk

  • Al Sabkha Road, Deira

    Similar to the Naif Souk, the Covered Souk is also called the Textile Souk and offers a cool environment with central air conditioning.

    The shops in Bur Dubai’s Textile Souk are a treasure trove of textile, colors,textures and weaves from the world. Shimmering threads adorn thin voile, border anglaise, satin and silk tempt and velvets jostle with peach skin. Although good drill cottons are still hard to find. Shop around as the choice is virtually unlimited and prices are occur quite frequently in this area, particularly around major holidays and Dubai Shopping Festival.

Dubai Textile Souk

  • The Dubai textile souk is a dream come true for fashionable people. Fabrics of different textures, colors and designs grace the narrow streets of the souk. The souk is so large you can find dress materials of every description displayed in the shop windows. This textile souk is the hub for the Middle Eastern fabrics and people from all around the world make it a point to visit this place when they come to Dubai. The Dubai textile souk is located in Bur Dubai which is the more happening and buzzing quarters of the city.

    The quaint architecture coupled with the ensuing haggling between the traders and buyers takes you back in time.
    The textile souk has been renovated but it has retained its old fashioned buildings with wooden shutters and small shops. The wooden gates give you a glimpse of the delights that await die hard shopaholics. Luscious silks as well as georgettes, silks and lots more hang enticingly in every shop window. You can find fabrics which can be made into any type of outfit. From Indian saris to the glamorous cocktail dresses you can take your pick from the numerous stores. The more you see, the more you feel like buying. If you live in great cities and believe that you’ve seen them all; think again. The immense variety of styles and designs is overwhelming and enough to drive a trend conscious person into a tizzy.

    Traditional Arab fabrics as well as other ethnic dress materials are available here. If you want to sample the dress styles of the world this is the place to be. Be it for a formal occasion to a simple affair, you can find materials to suit every need. Grand dress materials with intricate work as well as simple cotton designs catch your attention. The stores also sell local specialties which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. A few shops also sell traditional Arab slippers which go splendidly with the jazzy outfits. If you are a photographer, this is just the place to be. The bright colored fabrics attractively arranged pose as quirky yet wonderful photo-ops.

    There are a few stores which sell ready-made outfits of any style. If you feel that the styles don’t suit you, just buy the material of your choice. If you don’t want to wait to go back home and want to have your outfit made right away, this is the place. The souk has dress makers who can recreate trend setting designs as well as copy from dress patterns. The tailoring here is a work of art and you will not be disappointed with the results. Even better, you can get your clothes within a couple of days.

    The stores in the Dubai textile souk are reasonably priced and very affordable. You can buy yards of many fabrics and still save a lot. So if you’ve been invited to a gala event in Dubai, drop in at the souk a few days before the D-day and get the best looking outfit in no time!

Satwa Souk

  • Satwa of Al Dhiyafa Road Satwa

    Head to the Satwa Souk to nurture your potential talent in interior designing, as thats where you will find beautiful cushion sets, fabrics and several household products, too.

    One of Dubai’s best kept secrets. Satwa Souk is essentially a shopping square but should not be overlooked for those in search of tailor-made clothes or high quality fabrics.

    The best known and most frequented shops are Regal and Deepaks. Both stores will recommend nearby tailors who will be happy to turn your fabric purchases into perfectly fitting garments.

Food Souk

  • Near the Gold Souk, Deira

    Relish fresh produce, from local vegetables to foreign fruits, at this bustling and busy souk. Everything is sold in large quantities and at attractive prices.The fish market and fruit and veg market bustle with over-enthusiastic salesmen and buyers who haggle fiercely. Produce is delightfully fresh

    Food Souk
    Fish, fruit and vegetable market near the Hyatt Regency Discuss this article The fish market and the fruit and vegetable market are situated side-by-side in a large hangar-like space near the Hyatt Regency. The food souk bustles with over-enthusiastic salesmen, who force their wares on you, and buyers who haggle fiercely. The produce is delightfully fresh, and there’s no fish, fruit or vegetable too strange for this souk. After you’ve bartered over hammour and barracuda, head to the much less frantic fruit and vegetable arena.

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