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Register your Dubai Tenancy Contract in the most simplified manner in 2 hours!

We will facilitate your Online EJARI Registration needs as we know how valuable your time is. Our goal is to make this a very simple, time saving task.

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How Does Online Ejari Registration Work:

1Upload your documents online

2Make payment via online banking <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td><strong>Account Title</strong>:<br />The Roots International Technical Solutions LLC<hr/></td></tr><tr><td><strong>Account #:</strong><br />0015-121202-001<hr/></td></tr><tr><td><strong>Account Type:</strong><br />Current<hr/></td></tr><tr><td><strong>Bank Name:</strong><br />Emirates Islamic Bank<hr/></td></tr><tr><td><strong>Bank Address:</strong><br />Al Rigga, Dubai, UAE.</td></tr><tr><td><strong>IBAN # </strong><br />AE46 0340 0000 1512 1202 001</td></tr><tr><td><strong>SWIFT Code:</strong><br />MEBLAEADXXX<hr/></td></tr></tbody></table>, your credit card, debit card or Paypal.

3A document check will be performed to make sure the all mandatory documents have been submitted and legible. We will quickly review your documents and contact you directly if we need anything else.

4Documents will be submitted and you will receive updates throughout the process via SMS

5Once complete, you will receive an SMS and the original EJARI Certificate in your email. A copy will also be saved in your dashboard on ezEstate.com

EJARI is an initiative of RERA to regulate and facilitate the Rental Market of Dubai. This is a system that will make provisions of Law No. 26 of 2007 effective that is regulating the relationship between Landlords and Tenants in Dubai. This will require all individuals and companies acting as landlords to register tenancy agreements using EJARI. The Ejari system provides a full portfolio of services beyond registering the initial lease agreement. Renewals, cancellations, transfers and terminations can all be logged. Ejari will ensure rental agreements are fair and transparent to the parties involved and that their terms and conditions are given full weight. With Ejari, both ends of a rental contract are uniformly served, providing protection to landlords and management companies, as well as their tenants, regarding the terms of each rental contract. The solution also serves to establish clear payment terms to protect the interests of all parties when advance rental payments are made.

Once the registration process is complete, a rent receipt can be produced through the system. The main benefits ensured by Ejari are the uniformity of the approach, which creates a standardization of rental contracts, and its ease of use, saving time for the production of documents and receipts required for tenancy agreements.

Ejari serves to build and maintain a trusted regulatory community environment for the real estate industry in Dubai, benefiting both landlords and tenants through complete transparency.

  • * Access to official and updated information of all leased properties in Dubai
  • * A means of creating legalized tenancy contracts accompanied by standard issue rent receipts
  • * The ability to safeguard the rights of landlords and tenants by maintaining tenancy contract details
  • * The full audit ability of transactions in case of dispute

Please Note**If you do not register your lease with EJARI you will not be able to obtain/renew a residency visa for your family members and house help. Also, if a dispute does arise between a Landlord and Tenant, neither party will be able to file a case with the Rental Committee without an EJARI receipt.

Mandatory Documents - All documents must be fully legible and clear to read, preferably color scans.

  • Tenancy Agreement:    
  • Is this: 
    Renewal of Tenancy   |   New Tenancy
  • No of Bedrooms (Optional):   (if not mentioned on tenancy agreement)
  • Passport Main Page:  (Lanlord)   
  • Passport Main Page:  (Tenant)   
  • Passport Visa Page:  (Tenant)   
  • Emirates ID (Front):    
  • Emirates ID (Back):   
  • Recent DEWA Bill:   (First page only)   
  • Title Deed / Affection Plan:    
  • * Most offen Ejari system servers are busy and could not verify the Premise number, thus in order to avoid back and forth notifications and interruption in application process, you must provide the Title Deed and/or Affection plan.
    * Failure to provide the Title Deed and/or Affection Plan will result in a cancellation of your request. Payment will be returned minus a 3.4% service fee.

  • Company Trade License:   
  • *If Tenant is a Company, then the Company Trade License is mandatory.

Special Notes:
  • Standard Services

    • Ejari Fees (government tax):AED 160
    • Innovation Fee (government):AED 10
    • Typing services:AED 35
    • Online Processing Fee:AED 70
    • Standard Service will get you the Ejari Certificate within 5 working hours of submission.

      Cut off time for submission is 2pm for Standard Services.
      No Service on Friday
      No Service on Public Holidays
  • Express Services

    • Ejari Fees (government tax):AED 160
    • Innovation Fee (government):AED 10
    • Typing services:AED 35
    • Express Processing Fee:AED 110
    • Express Service will get you the Ejari Certificate in less than 2 working hours of submission.

      Cut off time for submission is 4pm for Express Services.
      No Service on Friday
      No Service on Public Holidays

Optional Add-on Services

AED 50 - Cancel an Existing EJARI

In the situation when a tenant moves out prior to the expiry of the tenancy and a new tenant moves in, before a new EJARI can be registered for the new tenant, the current EJARI must be cancelled in the Land Department. We will facilitate this process on behalf of the landlord.

AED 35 - Courier Original Ejari Certificate

The original EJARI Certificate is not needed for any applications as only copies are required. However, should you require the original, it can be couriered to you within 24 hours for an extra fee of AED 35.

  • Captcha: 
    Click on the image to refresh the captcha. Click on the image to refresh the captcha.
    Please enter the characters depicted on the image.
  • Once the EJARI registration is complete, you will be notified via SMS. You will receive the EJARI Tenancy Contract Registration Certificate via email and a copy saved in your dashboard.
    • * In order to receive SMS, please make sure you have a valid mobile number in your profile.
    • * Successful submission means that all documents have been uploaded and are fully legible.
    • * Should you successfully submit documents and not receive them as per our service times above, the amount paid will be fully refundable.
    Do you require assistance with this form? Email ejarihelp@ezestate.com
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