Frequently Asked Questions is a site open to everyone. You can choose to make your experience more interactive by creating an account. There are four different types of accounts on

  • Buyer
  • Agent
  • Company
  • Investor

Buyer- As a buyer, your profile will contain your favorites, custom searches, and comparible properties. Also, with an account, you can rate or write a review about an agent or company.

Agent- As an agent, you can create a custom profile with your picture, number of languages you speak, areas of expertise, years of experience and any other information you would like prospective clients to see. Within your profile, you can add listings, request to join a company, share your listings with other agents and search for agents working in the same areas that you specialize in.

Company- As a company, you can create a custom profile for your company with your company logo and any details you would like prospective clients to see. Within your profile, you will see all of your agents and listings.

Investor- As an investor, you can add listings for your own rental or for sale properties.

Most agents have areas of expertise, areas they specialize in. If an agent chooses an area of expertise, they basically are saying that they have full knowledge of this area and current activities. An agent can add their areas of expertise in their profile which will be viewable to everyone. A person can also search for an agent by their area of expertise.

Simply login into your account! You can change your details under My Profile within your Dashboard.

To move from one company to another, an agent simply needs to send a request to the new company he/she wishes to join. As soon as the company accepts the request, the agent will be a confirmed part of that company. This is usually done on a new hire. This task is done in the agent's profile under the tab to search for a company to be listed under. As soon as the request to join is accepted by the company, the agent will become part of that company under If at any point before acceptance, the agent accidentally made the wrong choice, he may cancel his request from the same page. Similarly, you may receive a request from a company to join them. Please note, an agent can work for only one company at a time. One cannot be a part of two or more companies at the same time. In order to join a new company, you need to cancel yourself from the previous one first.

If a company wishes to add an existing ezEstate agent under their profile, the company can do it through their own profile. Simply go to 'Manage Agents' and search for the agent you are looking for. If the agent already has an account on ezEstate you will find him there. If the agent does not have an account yet on ezEstate, you can create an account for them through the new agent tab.

You can add a property through the 'Add a Listing' tab. Once you click on it you will be guided through a step by step, easy process to upload a listing which will then be available for the public to view. This feature can be used by anyone using

Agent and Company accounts can add services. These services should be real estate such as property management, home evaluations, etc. In order to display the type of services you offer, you need to sign in from your account and then add your services from the 'add listing' option.

Agents and Companies can request to copy or move listings between other agents. This action is done within a profile in the Dashboard. Both parties have to accept the action before it will take place.

Anyone can rate a listing or agent. All you need is to create an account on ezEstate. Once logged in, you can rate and write reviews.

The booking feature is part of short-term rentals only. The dates of availability are mentioned while adding the listing and thus can be selected when a booking needs to be made. In order to make the booking feature available when adding a new listing, you must select the dates of availability and the rates at which you would like to make it available. Whereas, on any old listing you may just go to my listing, locate the required listing you would like to place for the availability of booking and then click on edit to set the dates of availability and rates.

You can use the search bar on the main page to search for a specific property by basic requirements such as area, type, price and number of bedrooms and square feet. If you want a more refined search, just click on refined search on the main page and you will be given a search with more options.

Both the investor and the agent can add and edit listings. The listings added by you are present under your profile. You may locate the listing you want to update and edit it according to your requirements.

The listings added by you are present in your profile under the 'My Listings' tab. Here you can view all the listings that you have placed. If you need to update or change anything in that listing, simply click on the edit button which will take you to the editing page. From here, you can make the desired changes to the listing.

On, you can choose to feature your listings on the Home Page. For more information, please email

Simply login into your account! You can change your details under My Profile within your Dashboard.

On, you can choose to be a featured agent on the Home Page. For more information, please email

The expiry date of a listing is the date that you set at the time of listing. The default for a sale property is four months and for rental property for one month. You will be sent reminder emails before your listing expires. Once it expires, it will be placed within your Inactive Listings. You can make the listing active again at any time.

There are four options under which any property could have - active, inactive, deleted or reported. A property once added into ezEstate, will always be present in one of these tabs. The ones in the active tab are those which are currently on display throughout the website. The ones under the inactive tab are those that are still pending to be approved and uploaded into ezEstate.

If in case you have deleted any of your listings by mistake, you can always find them under the deleted tab. However, if any of your listings have been seen as offensive or copied and reported by someone, they will be placed under the reported tab.

When you find a listing that you would like to refer back to, you add that listing into your favorites list so that it's easier to locate at any time. To do so, you will need to create an account on Then, within any listing, you just click on Add to Favorite. Your favorites will be stored in your Dashboard under My Favorites.

The compare feature works when two or more properties are selected. Within any listing, you will see the compare button. Simply click this button on any listing you wish to compare. You will be able to view the major defining points of any listing side by side. This is a very useful, time-saving tool that will help you make an accurate decision.

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