Home Inspection

Prior to purchasing your dream home, whether it is an existing or new construction, you should protect your investment by getting an independent home inspection by a professional, certified home inspection company.

There are several reasons to get a home inspection with the main one being peace of mind. You have no idea how the current owner took care of their property. Perhaps the property was always occupied by tenants. Maybe it was vacant for a long time. These are all factors that can affect a property's condition.

It is your due diligence as a buyer to know all details of a property before you purchase it. This includes any problems and repairs that need to be addressed. In addition, when you purchase a home, you want to ensure that it is problem free before you move in. The last thing anyone wants is to hassle with repairs while trying to coordinate a move.

What is the Home/Building Inspection?

A home/building inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home, from roof to foundation. When problems and symptoms are found, the inspector may recommend further evaluation or remedies.

What will a Home Inspection Accomplish?

The inspection report will provide you with:

  • An accurate assessment of the status of your property
  • Detailed report listing all of the items that need repair, will need repair in the near future and things to monitor
  • Give you a strong position with the seller to remedy the problems or bear the costs for repairs
  • Peace of mind

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