Makani Dubai

Makani Number for Dubai Residents

'Makani' which literally means 'my location' is the latest application introduced in Dubai to locate buildings and locations using national coordinates. This innovative initiative was brought about by the Dubai Municipality.

The municipality will allot a unique ten-digit number to each building and home and even public spaces. The main idea behind this system is to make navigation through the emirate easier, especially for new residents.

How Do You Use The Makani Number?

The Makani system aims to tackle the lack of an efficient system of postal addresses and area designation in Dubai. Before the introduction of Makani numbers, navigation in Dubai was a difficult task as the emirate does not have zip codes or pin number systems for different areas.

Now, you will be able to locate various places by looking up the coordinates on the Makani application. Makani numbers will not just show you the exact location but also guide you to the entrance of the destination. In places like malls, which may have more than one entrance, each entrance will be given a unique Makani number and the application will list each with corresponding routes.

You will also be able to find out the Makani number of your current location by punching in its name on the application. These Makani numbers will be generated using the national grid coordinates of the place on the official Emirates map.

This system has been put to practical use by enabling the navigator to use it in the form of GPS that lets the user choose a preferred route from the various routes available to the destination. You can find your Makani number on the official website and download the application from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Some Important Benefits of the Makani Number App

  • Addressing does not depend on any language and does not require using names or explaining the location's direction.
  • Location coordinates of all the main building entrances in Dubai, Hatta and Free Zones have been taken using the latest technologies.
  • It is accurate to 1 square meter.
  • A building with more than one main entrance will have a unique Makani number for each. For example, Dubai Mall has 11 addresses, Safa Park has 4 and emergency entrances in hospitals will have a different address from the main entrance.
  • Makani 10-digits plates will be installed in all buildings in Dubai.
  • Emergency services can be performed more efficiently by reaching on time to the right location using Makani numbers.
  • Delivery services will find it easier to locate recipient addresses.
  • Users will be able to quickly locate public places like hospitals, schools and other major landmarks near them.
  • Simply consists of 10 digits only. Just remember the first 5 numbers and the last one.
  • Can be converted to any coordinates to use in other GPS navigation systems like Garmin and digital maps like Google and Apple.
  • The app will be available for use on various platforms like phones, PCs, tablets, and car navigation systems.
  • They will prove helpful for tourists and new residents to move around Dubai without getting lost.
  • The app will let you save contact numbers with Makani numbers to their residence or workplace.
  • It will let users save and share locations and routes.
  • It will become easier to find directions to standalone buildings even with no significant landmarks around them.

Expectations from the Makani Number Application

The Makani Number application is promoted widely by the government due to its effectiveness. A major expectation the users are going to have from the application is regular updates to make it a reliable source for navigation over other sources and applications.

The Makani number is a boon to Dubai as it makes navigation around the emirate easier, especially in areas that do not have any major landmarks. The number can help in making emergency services and delivery services faster and more efficient. It is not only useful to its residents but also is a relief for tourists.

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