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Stella Marie Miller
Having worked in a sales environment throughout most of my career. I pride myself on focusing on the importance of my clients needs and by providing a friendly, transparent and most of all a professional service. In my earlier career as a conference and wedding coordinator I believe listening to the requirements of your customer is paramount, along with offering exception customer service to build a relaxed and friendly rapport. As office manager for 7 years working for an Independent Estate agents. I very much enjoyed training new staff members with the skills I had implicated,working as part of a busy team, along with the opening of the prestige office. Here in Dubai it is very much a different market from the UK. but of no less importance to me to meet the standards and commit to my customers needs and expectations. I am a bit of a workaholic but in my spare time I enjoy the beautiful weather, going to the gym, cooking, socializing with friends and when possible attend the volunteer events with the volunteer in UAE Dubai group.
Email: Nationality: United Kingdom Language: English
Laura Victoria Adams
With over 15 years of real estate experience in London and in Dubai Laura has got extensive knowledge of both markets and can advise, value and manage property portfolios. Starting out in the UAE at Better Homes' Head office at Management level in Dubai in 2008. In 2011 she co founded Carlton Real Estate which is becoming more successful year on year with a great, loyal client base.
Email: Nationality: United Kingdom Language: English
Ujjwal Arya
Looking at my profile or my business card you will realise that I am into Real Estate. But when you meet me in person, you would understand how deep do I find my field and more so my individual role. Real Estate pulled me naturally because, I grew up in a family where real estate was the topic over Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or virtually even a tea break. It's not just about being that middleman who helps in closing a requirement(buyer) & a need(seller). To many these two words are mostly synonymous, but for me they became antonyms at an early age. I knew what motivates a seller and what encourages a buyer to buy a property. Knowing all that made sense with experience & clientele increasing. Gradually with everything getting dependent on technology, It became eminent that one knows how to use technology to their advantage in Real Estate. If you share this thought, then I am your Man. I am believer in the Power of Branding. Newsletters, Google ads, email campaigns, landing pages and a perfect CRM can ensure that you are top of your league and that business comes to you naturally; you are only busy closing. This could possibly be the reason why I have always been my best at Closing/ Negotiating. My other traits include being proactive, being confident and knowing my work well.
Email: Nationality: India Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi
Sami Bhatti
Sami Bhatti, a renowned Property Advertisement and Publicity expert who has spearheaded and managed the largest networks in the cyber world. Native of Bahawalpur and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan, Sami moved to Dubai in 2008 carrying the same commitment and passion for Real Estate. Considering the industry more than just a job, he remained highly motivated to differentiate himself positively in this competitive market. He ensures that his clients' needs are well understood and prioritized at all times. Specializing in Downtown, Sami, with his relentless efforts to uphold professionalism in all occasions, strives to always provide outstanding results for his clients.
Email: Nationality: Pakistan Language: English, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi
Helen Tatham
Helen moved to Dubai from England in 2003 and co-founded her first real estate company, Dubai Luxury Homes, in 2004. She was at the helm of building a successful business through the glory years and then had to steer the company through the difficulties in the aftermath of the crash in 2009 to 2011. From this experience, not only has she seen so many projects come out of the ground, but she has a deep understanding of the foundation of the UAE property market, where it’s come from and where it is now. She took up the position of Director of Residential with Knight Frank UAE in 2012 and engaged their residential services in the domestic market. Whilst an amazing experience, in December 2013 Helen felt that it was time to convert that collective experience to establish her own company again. Her vast range of knowledge places her well to deal with investors and advise funds on investment and asset management strategy. But she also enjoys working one to one with end-users looking to buy their perfect home, and managing the process all the way from the initial meeting to receiving the Title Deed. Helen works closely with her team with an open door policy to ensure the smooth running of the business and highest levels of productivity. She is a regular contributor for editorial to newspapers and magazines on property topics and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences to the benefit of the industry.
Email: Nationality: United Kingdom Language: English
Pauline Mary Leale
Born and educated in Edinburgh, Scotland, Pauline had a successful 14 year career in Private Banking with RBS before moving to Dubai in 2002. She was the founding partner of Dubai Luxury Homes back in 2003 and built a hugely successful Real Estate company employing more than 45 staff. Following a brief break to have a family, Pauline returned to what she knows best and established Sloanes Real Estate at the end of 2011 with the support of her good friend Mr Issam Alsabban. Her vision and understanding of the market has led her to establish a company that focuses on a specific area of the market, which, in her opinion is often not given the service it deserves. High-end properties and clients alike deserve to receive a top end service and deal with an agent who is fully knowledgeable and experienced in that particular area. By only focusing in 5 key areas of Dubai, her team is able to provide this level of service. She launched Sloanes into the market quickly and through her vast network of contacts built up over her 10 years in the region, she is fast establishing Sloanes as the preferred provider of Luxury Estate Agency services.
Email: Nationality: United Kingdom Language: English
Renit Shah
Renit Shah is a highly experienced Real Estate Professional with over 6 years’ experience in Dubai real estate market a specialist in Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah Villas, Buildings, Hotels and High End Exclusive Properties. Having relocated to Dubai in Feb 2008 to seek new opportunities, finding the Dubai real estate market dynamic, interesting and very lucrative hence becoming a certified RERA real estate broker working in the industry. Exceptionally well organized with a track record that demonstrates creativity, initiative and team working possessing sound knowledge of Dubai property market. Also have over 8 years of experience in the field of IT in London at a senior level. When investors and high end home owners look to purchase or sell Real Estate in Dubai, Renit Shah is recognized and renowned among a diverse range of elite international sellers and buyers alike. Along with having a network of established national and international contacts, Renit Shah has mastered the ability to listen to his client’s needs in order to create and provide properties based on buyers and seller’s specific requirements. Renit Shah has a great understanding of the real estate market with his finger constantly being on the pulse. He gives his honest opinions, acquires absolute trust and importantly, provides peace of mind for all involved Home Buyers and Investors looking for a competent, reliable, honest and straight forward person that delivers every time call for Renit Shah The Majority of Renit Shah’s Business are from repeat clients and referrals because of a simple fact- He under promises and over delivers beyond expectations. The reason smart Individuals such as yourself call specifically for him, is because when Renit Shah works for you, he will do so as your partner to serve your need, and achieve your goals.
Email: Nationality: United Arab Emirates Language: English
Loai Alfakir
My success career started with being a Graduate of Kingston University, United Kingdom where I studied & Graduated in Business Management, a vital ingredient to my continued success today. In early 2005 after successfully business managing our family business profile in Cyprus, I decided to relocate to Dubai, where my passion for the real estate industry ignited. A desire to make a mark on the industry was my passion and before long I succeeded, rapidly establishing myself as a leading consultant in the industry. I quickly learnt my skills in both the developer and brokerage sides of the business which gives me a general overview and knowledge of market practices. In early 2008 I founded Provident Real Estate, where i brought my sales and marketing expertise to an exciting business project. · My Marketing strategy has been key to the success of the Company, which has seen growth despite the economic downturn of 2008. · My strategic thinking and hands on sales approach has helped to establish Provident Real Estate as a major player in the UAE real estate market. · Provident today is considered to be one of the leading brands in the industry. · My hands-on approach on all aspects of staff work practices and training programs, ensures that the employees of Provident Real Estate are amongst the best in the industry. Specialties:In my experience, in the real-estate business past success stories are generally not applicable to new situations. We must continually reinvent ourselves, responding to changing times with innovative new business models.
Email: Nationality: Cyprus Language: English, Arabic, Greek
Jessica Jane Horie
Jessica Horie is an active and adventurous sales professional. Being raised in one of the most beautiful and robust areas of Canada, she has grown up with skiing & whitewater rafting and was a backcountry ski guide prior to landing in real estate in 2006. With the continuous annual top performance reported, she confidently made the jump to Dubai in 2011 to drive her career in Real Estate to a higher level. She is now one of the key members of the Prestige Real Estate Team, and being a sailor, it is no surprise she concentrates on selling in the Marina area.
Email: Nationality: Canada Language: English
Mazhar Anjum Anjum
I was born and raised in Pakistan and I hold a Bachelor's degree in Arts from Punjab University, Lahore. I moved to Dubai in 2008 and am multilingual in four languages: English ,Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. My consistent high performance and ability to conclude deals in a customer orientated professional manner together with my sales and marketing experience have greatly supported the relationships I have with my customers. I ran my own real estate company in Lahore, Pakistan which gave me appreciation of the real estate business from all angles. I have gained signicant and valuable knowledge in all developments in Dubai and am experienced in selling and leasing. I am always up to date and well informed of market changes and like to keep ahead of the game. I pride myself on being able to use this knowledge to oer exceptional honest advice to all my clients, assisting them to make the right decisions. My positive attitude is never compromised as I guide each and every client t hrough their property search. I am a highly motivated, proactive and ethical professional with over 9 year's real estate industry experience. I get a lot of referrals from previous clients and contacts which is testimonial to the service I provide. I am dedicated to my industry and to my customers.
Email: Nationality: Pakistan Language: English, Urdu
Adil Hasham Sait
Adil Sait has been heading the sales & operations teams at various reputable real estate firms in Dubai over the last 10 years before founding Penthouse Properties LLC in 2014. He specializes in residential sales & leasing in Jumeirah Lake Towers & Dubai Marina. Over the years he has earned quite a large base of client networks and is focused on customer satisfaction and enabling people find not just a property but a place they can call home.
Email: Nationality: India Language: English, Hindi, Urdu
Alireza Javid
Reliable, credible and knowledgeable are a few of the words most often attributed to Ali Reza by clients and colleagues alike. He understands his clients' needs and assists them from the time they are searching for the most suitable properties up until the properties they have chosen are in their possession. He is a picture-perfect model of a family man, dedicated, and one who upholds strong moral values which transpire in his work and in his profession, espousing honesty in all his dealings. He is a person of few words, but every word spoken is something that is relevant and meaningful. He has successfully sold over two hundred off-plan Dubai properties from Tehran, Iran from where he originates, catapulting him to the position of Sales Manager in the company he worked for in his home country. Succeeding to sell Dubai properties from offshore, he decided to move to Dubai itself at the inception of the Real Estate Market in the U.A.E. yearning to have the privilege of selling and leasing properties which he can actually see and not just envision. Having earned years of experience in the Dubai real estate market itself, his wish to perfect his craft to better serve clients remains insatiable. He continuously hungers to learn more about Dubai's evolving terrain, tuning in to its changing social climate in his desire to properly impart all these to his clients that they may make the right decisions in purchasing or renting a property. At present, there is nothing more that means to him than service-excellence rendered to clients, excellence which entails knowledge, years of experience, honesty, patience and a strong will and passion to satisfy his clients' needs.
Email: Nationality: Iran Language: English, Persian
Kerry Harvey
I am a Palm Jumeirah Property Specialist. My knowledge in this area is exceptional and my range of properties always up to date with access to the best properties on the Palm Jumeirah. I am trustworthy, and will always provide you with the best advice to achieve your end result. I am up to date with all local regulations and will guide you in the procedures. I have a total of 10 years real estate experience in both London and Dubai.
Email: Nationality: United Kingdom Language: English
Alexander Cina
Honesty, transparency, empathy and total professionalism matched with the best possible sales price through superior negotiation. This is my pledge to every single one of my clients. A long career in sales, in conjunction with developing along side my brother prior to becoming an agent instilled in me the knowledge that delivering a level of service and an end result above and beyond my clients expectations is the fundamental element in a successful real estate transaction. Bringing this knowledge to all of my business dealings means my clients are assured they are in expert hands. Specialising in Emirates living and the sorounding areas with a focus on the villa communities I have established a proven track record of achieving standout results, even in challenging market conditions. Intensive product knowledge developed as a Dubai resident, plus high-end negotiation skills means I am an excellent choice if you are thinking of buying or selling in the area.
Email: Nationality: United Kingdom Language: English
Arvin Bacus
Awarded as Top Sales Performer 2014 By Provident Estate Awarded as Most Consistent Sales Top Performer 2012-2013 By Provident Estate Simple Five of Me: Real Estate Expert, Trustworthy, Straight Forward, Efficient and Team Leader
Email: Nationality: Philippines Language: English
Katerina Terentyeva
Katerina is an MBA graduate, who began her career in financial services within PricewaterhouseCoopers company where she gained a deep and thorough understanding of global business and commerce. Through the experience of working in the leading development company, Katerina has a background in luxury real estate development and hospitality industries which allows her to deliver a powerful, effective approach to her areas of responsibility. Katerina possesses the ability to naturally communicate and initiate relationships at each level of a client organization and is highly ethical, driven and extremely reliable.
Email: Nationality: Russia Language: English, Russian, French
Ali Qureshi
I have 4 Years experience in the Real Estate industry in United Kingdom, and vast experience here in Dubai's Real Estate industry. I have qualified with a degree in Business Economics (Kingston university) in the UK and went on to work for high end Real Estate companies. I was a Police officer in London, United Kingdom which taught me discipline, professionalism, treat people with integrity and respect and be very customer focused in my field. In Real estate I dealt with investors who invested millions in to the UK property market, attended meetings with directors of other Real Estate firms and worked in close proximity with them when closing deals. Having experienced the Dubai market it is challenging but also rewarding. Work hard, play hard and be honest, I live by these codes, 5p's *Presence *Performance *Productivity *Professionalism *Pride I specialize in Business bay and Downtown Dubai Residential properties. I also specialize in commercial property in Business Bay.
Email: Nationality: United Kingdom Language: English, Urdu, Punjabi
Umair Shafiq Gadit
Email: Nationality: 0 Language: English, Hindi, Urdu
Anthony Abou Jaoude
I would describe myself as a person who is consistently growing and takes the time to continue learning even thought it is not a direct requirement for the job. I find that many times, my professional growth is based on what i study both directly and indirectly related to work.I am modest, hard-working and consistently sets goals for myself, then once i have defined my benchmarks i take the necessary steps to achieve those milestones.I always keep lines of communication open and concerned with the clients needs so i can meet with their requirements. nothing can satisfy me like when a client compliment me for my hard work and recommends me to his circle of networks and trust.
Email: Nationality: United States Language: English, Arabic, French
Niels Van Baasbank
Having been in Dubai for 9 years now, I have actively been part of the journey of the Freehold property market, from inception to the crash of 2008 and the current revival that we are experiencing now. The importance of understanding the dynamics of this evolution and the progress of Government regulation through these different economic climates cannot be emphasised enough and I am proud to be able to speak with first hand knowledge and confidence about every aspect of the property market in the UAE. The vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, has and will continue to enforce the significance of Dubai and the UAE as a regional business, trading and tourist hub, making it a land of great opportunity and prosperity. A positive result for Expo 2020 in November 2013 will firmly pave the way for another chapter of Dubai's growth.
Email: Nationality: Netherlands Language: English, Dutch

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