Registration Trustees

Do you need to register or transfer a title deed and do not want to go to the Dubai Land Department? No worries! A Registration Trustee will satisfy all your property registration, mortgage registration and Oqood registration needs in VIP style.

In 2013, The Dubai Land Department launched the real estate Registration Trustee. The aim of this service is to execute and complete client's transactions outside DLD's working hours through a number of offices licensed by the DLD. The Real Estate Registration Services Department will be responsible for licensing and monitoring the work of firms acting as registration trustee. The trustee must be a legally qualified UAE national. The new system will accelerate the transaction processing; moreover clients can use the same official database used by government for registered properties, which facilitates the process of data entry and ensures accuracy.

How Do You Use The Makani Number?

The Makani system aims to tackle the lack of an efficient system of postal addresses and area designation in Dubai. Before the introduction of Makani numbers, navigation in Dubai was a difficult task as the emirate does not have zip codes or pin number systems for different areas.

Now, you will be able to locate various places by looking up the coordinates on the Makani application. Makani numbers will not just show you the exact location but also guide you to the entrance of the destination. In places like malls, which may have more than one entrance, each entrance will be given a unique Makani number and the application will list each with corresponding routes.

You will also be able to find out the Makani number of your current location by punching in its name on the application. These Makani numbers will be generated using the national grid coordinates of the place on the official Emirates map.

This system has been put to practical use by enabling the navigator to use it in the form of GPS that lets the user choose a preferred route from the various routes available to the destination. You can find your Makani number on the official website and download the application from Google Play and Apple App Store.

At a Dubai Registration Trustee office, you can execute the following

  • Transfer Property Ownership
  • Registration of Mortgages
  • Lease to Own (Ejara)
  • Oqood

Essentially, a registration trustee in Dubai is a boutique, VIP service and alternative to going to Dubai Land Department. The fees charged by the Registration Trustees are set by the Dubai Land Department and the same for all of them.

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