RERA Forms

RERA Form B Buyer's Agent Agreement

When working with a real estate agent, it is best to work with one, qualified agent. A qualified agent will be able to find you the right property based on your needs. This agent will only work for the Buyer. In this scenario, a Buyer's Agent completes FORM B and the Buyer(s) sign the agreement. The Buyer can terminate the agreement with the Agent for whatever reason. The Buyer must give seven (7) days written notice to the Agent stating the reason for termination. Also, Form U must be executed for a proper termination. Buyer's Agents can attend inspections, auctions and interact with a Listing Agent, providing it is on the appropriate FORM I - Agent to Agent Agreement.

RERA Form F Purchase Agreement Contract

The purchase agreement details the property, price, terms and conditions of the property intended for purchase. This is known as FORM F. It only becomes a contract if both the Buyer and the Seller have signed it. The signatures need to be witnessed and dated by the Agent.

RERA Form I Agent to Agent Agreement

When two agents engage to work together, Form I must be completed by both RERA certified agents. The purpose of this form it to protect the agent listings, agent clients and to ensure a professional relationship between two, qualified RERA real estate agents.

RERA Form U Notice of Termination of Agreement

The proper way to terminate an agreement (Form A/Form B) with a real estate agent is by using Form U.

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